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Bailey [Dainty MYO] by Jellyfish-Magician Bailey [Dainty MYO] by Jellyfish-Magician
The precious baby is finally here! Pearl Emote 11 Hyped Rowlett EEEEEEE 

This design was so spur of the moment and totally threw a wrench into so many plans I had for my character stories, holy shit, but I don't regret her in the slightest.
Originally after getting Hayden, my plans were to use my next dainty MYO to redesign Ash, Rowan's brother and Hayden's close(st) friend. While trying to sketch and plan this out, though, nothing was working out in the slightest. He just was. not. clicking. as a dainty.
So my friend brought up that I should try just doodling out ideas and see what comes naturally, rather than trying to force a character that clearly doesn't want to be a dainty like I planned for them to be.
And after some doodling and joking around with the idea of making a "daintsona" for a month or so, the inspiration/concept for this little girl came to be, and she became my big project that I worked with off and on for a while (thanks to my tablet being junk, busy schedules, and other craziness)

But this is Bailey, and yeah, she's pretty much my daintsona?
She's just a hyperactive wanna-be author who spends all her time surfing the internet for ARGs, gaming, watching tv/movies, and ignoring the impending doom that is the real world and responsibilities.
Basically, she got a ticket for the hot mess express one day and hasn't yet returned from her trip.
Also, she's a polar bear because polar bears are life???

her toyhouse (will be updated as I plan her out more):

Side note, I'm super proud of myself because aside from the tail lineart, which came from this base:… , all of this is my own artwork <3 I sketched, lined, colored, and shaded this all on my own. 
I think my digital work is really starting to improve! 

dainties are a closed species by @/kiwi-adopts
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December 4, 2017
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