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Okay, I made a new account (and sorry I haven't been on for the past two weeks, I've been super busy between theater stuff and getting ready to return to college and just making art generally). But my new account is :iconpencilrevived:, and I'll be posting new art there. This account won't be deleted, but I think I need to start fresh since this is a new era of my life, and I'm returning to drawing, which is SUPER significant. So, message me there! That's where I'll be.

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Over the course of this month, I've gotten so much better, my future seems so much brighter, and I was able to restore the relationships I've made over the years, the relationships that really mean a lot to me, and... this is the best way I could've ended any year. So, I'm just very happy, and I hope everyone else is happy.
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Part of me wants to make a new dA for the new work I'm going to produce (so I can reorganize my pictures and gallery)? I wouldn't delete this account. I don't know, but I'm thinking about it.
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Okay so my wrist feels like its burning and like it'll fall off without my cast on, so drawing will be slow/nonexistent for the next few days, but I have big plans after my wrist heals! I'll be drawing an Undertale comic and featuring OCs and different Undertale AUs, and I'll be posting both on dA and my art tumblr ( Comics, however, will be posted on tumblr until I can figure out how to compile all my panels into pages.

If you have an Undertale OC you wanna see in these comics, tell me and I'll message you with your character's role. You'll also be credited in the posts where your character is featured. 

I've made a tumblr ask blog for Yves ( because I need to develop her more, so if you wanna help me by asking questions, I'd love that! I'm also considering making a tumblr ask blog for Showboat (which would be super fun!).

So, that's the update.
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I love that everyone wanted to make me things or do things for my birthday during finals, like, clearly this is a stressful time and I wasn't asking for any gifts either (I've found that I don't ask for much), but that's really sweet from my friends on dA and tumblr and in real life. Errybody is strugglin' with these finals. 

My finals are finished, and I revised the script for the play 'cause we just casted, and instead of getting the black actor we needed for the lead, we got an Asian actor instead, so I had to reform a lot of the monologues. It was fun tho. I've had a really nice last week and a half. I feel like my life is coming back together, it's kind of weird, like, I feel like I've been asleep for four years, and I just woke up. 

Anywho, I'm ready to draw nonstop until I get wrist surgery Sweating a little... 
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Okay, here's the explanation:

While I was away, I won a gold key in Scholastic's writing contest, then a competition picked my play up from that contest and produced my play off-Broadway (and if you'd like to see it, the company was nice enough to film it; it's super cheesy, but it's the beginning of my theater success). And just this week, I submitted another play to a different competition held by the college I go to, and I just got word that I was selected! I'M BACK OFF-BROADWAY!!!!! 

Here's my first Off-Broadway play!: 
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because my epic fanfic on here embarrasses me and I've gotten way better at writing. I have to prove :iconjukeboxjude: that I can do better than what she's read. But that means not a fanfic, unfortunately. Idk what to write for a fanfic, but I designed a NEW idea for an original story JUST NOW just so I can prove it to her, alright? So. Be ready.

Love and good music,
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Yo, I'm gonna try to make rpgs because I have good storylines and it'd be cool if I could make them videogames. I'm working on the sprites for PeAta. Yves is super cute so far.
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I WILL DO AN ART TRADE, BY GOD, I WILL DO AN ART TRADE, JUST SOMEONE PLEASE TALK TO ME. I'm a hermit crab trapped on a rock in the middle of the ocean and the currents are too strong and I'm all alone and it's about to rain. Like, please. Please. Ask me to draw something.
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What if I wrote a rock opera to tell Showboat's story? 

Like, what didn't I even think of that? It would be perfect. I would the general conflict out, have it be, like, 3 Acts or so, starting maybe with the before fame, rise to fame and the demise after the fame kicks in? I don't know. But... I'd love to write music for that.
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Sorry that I'm only on when I post new things, but man, everyone's just getting better and better at drawing, and that makes me super happy! 
It's short, but it's not the only one I'll make. Here's the link:…
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And I want you to read:

Scene: bedroom. CLIVE and VAL are spooning, full-clothed. It's late at night, and everyone else is asleep to their knowledge. 

VAL: Your mother likes me.
CLIVE: She does. 
VAL: That is good in your culture?
CLIVE: Oh, yes, yes. It's a good sign for things, like, well, marriage actually. Is it the same way in Baxcetiunia?
VAL: Yes. Your mother was first mother I have met. 
CLIVE</span>: You didn't date anyone at all back in Baxcetiunia?
VAL: No. </span>
CLIVE: What was your life like before you came to Almer?</span>

VAL doesn't respond. 

CLIVE: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.</span>
VAL: Pry?</span>
CLIVE</span>: It means to get information out of you.
VAL: Oh. </span>
CLIVE</span>: Val, are you happy here? I mean, we won't stay here for a while, but are you glad you came with us?
VAL: Yes. </span>
CLIVE: I'm going to get us out of here and make our life even better.</span>
VAL: Life is better. </span>
CLIVE: Oh, trust me, it gets better than this. </span>
VAL: This is first night in long time that I have not want to die in sleep. </span>

CLIVE's arm around VAL's waist holds her a little tighter. VAL puts her hand on his. 

CLIVE</span>: I promise our life is going to get way better than this. 
VAL: If does not, you have made me happy woman. </span>

VAL closes her eyes.

VAL: In Baxcetiun, there is word for success and word for happiness. There is separate word and word together. Susice mean success, dalis mean happiness. Together is dalisusice. Always have both. Skayis. What is English word for skayis?</span>
CLIVE: Um... I don't know. Do you mean the word equal?</span>
VAL: Yes, something like equal. Word not equal, but something like it. </span>

VAL yawns. 

CLIVE: Are you tired?</span>
VAL: Hmm?</span>
CLIVE</span>: Lay quene?
VAL: Yaixce. Naltaue quenae.</span>
CLIVE: Welsh'nicorg, Val.  </span>
VAL: Welsh'nicorg. Bay thalis'oul roe rey. </span>
CLIVE:</span> Tolto'bay.

End Scene. 

The last parts literally translate to:
Clive: You are tired?
Val: Yes. I need to sleep.
Clive: Good night, Val.
Val: Good night. I am grateful to you.
Clive: Same, I am (I am the same).
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Guys, this will be a time travel type story.
Showboat will not be the ones travelling. Their story will be told through the eyes of the time traveler, who is trying to grasp an idea about the band. At certain points in the story, the time traveler can be seen by certain characters, depending on what truth (reality) the time traveler has found him/herself in (or not; not sure yet). She/he will learn about Showboat, and try to understand their story as best as possible.
The one travelling through time is Clive and Val's unborn child. Throughout the story, the time traveler will have no name, or gender. The character will look a lot like Val. There will be SO MANY QUESTIONS until I get to the end! Now, at least, I know who's perspective to write it in.
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I think I need to rework the story.

I might play with what I've created of them from alternate universes.

They may not even be a band anymore.

What I want to do is create a story where each member has to go through multiple sections of time; they'll travel to alternate universes and solve the problems of each. Right now, I've got an idea sprouting from a Radiohead song. It's called A Wolf at the Door from Hail to the Thief, and, I don't know, I want to make Val and Clive a couple with maybe like 6 children, and they keep getting threats that if they don't pay a certain amount of money, or do certain risky things, their children will be taken away, and they'll never see them again if they "squeal to the cops."

At least, there's more of a chance of Val and Clive becoming a couple.

I don't know, I'm just exploring. I need to give them some kind of plot.

Also, I'm trying to redesign them so I can draw them in proportion. Their heads are still too big, I've noticed.

I'll try to update you guys later!

Love and Good Music,
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Alright, I think all of our fictional bands should take place in the future. Well, at least mine. It would make it easier to give Val her insane backstory, and... well, if we could location this in a different type of universe, or just some sort of detached reality than the one we know already.

Or maybe that could be an alternate universe spin-off type thing... I don't know yet. I just want to draw Val in the midst of a revolution because I want to draw something in support of the Venezuelans fighting right now for liberty.
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Marcy and Simon, I've been dying to make an entire cast of characters in a post apocalyptic setting, but I got this great idea: What would Showboat be like in a post apocalyptic setting? They'd be scary looking, I know that. I know what Jack would look like, and I think I know what Val would look like.

But Jack, though... I know that in the events of the apocalypse, it would be a nuclear bomb type of thing, and it'd be when he was about to die. He'd have that heavy box on top of him, crushing his lower torso, but that box would also keep him alive while the bomb dropped and wiped out everyone else. The backstory of the box will take a new turn, and the story would start when it suddenly just appeared in his house one day. He takes it to his garage and tries to open it, but when the bomb is dropped, it falls on him, and keeps him alive, giving off some type of mutant-izing power, because when someone else comes along, and he manages to get the box off of him, his stomach area is going to be flattened immensely and his rib cage above his going to popping out. He'll adapt to how his new, deformed body, and have to figure out what to do in the apocalypse.

I'm not sure what'll happen to the others though... I want Bruce to make it... but not Amanda... or... hmm, I'm not sure yet.
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This picture:
Big Project. The Who. DONE. by jellyandjamXD

Yeah, THAT picture.
Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have it now. It's there's. I came to the concert with it, and left without it. That was the plan. It's their poster now. it's all theirs. Nothing more.
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Bruce dies in 2003, in the springtime.

Lung Cancer.
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I'm not here often. I know that, and I'm terribly sorry for that. I'm fixing myself, I need some work, that's all.

But I just want to tell you all that I brought Showboat as an idea for a play in my playwriting class and everyone seems to really like it. They like the idea of "cartoons trying to be adults", as it was put by one of the seniors who USUALLY is a REALLY tough judge of stuff. So, I'm refining everyone's character a little.

There's a good possibility that Val won't be from Egypt anymore. In my heart, she will be, but maybe I want to say she's from just a foreign land. Maybe have her be kind of like Fez from That 70s Show-- unknown origins, you know?

But Clive and Val's romance is a main focus, definitely.

And I've decided this is Jack's funeral song:…

My class only knows what Jack and Bruce are like, not yet Val or Clive. They want me to continue the idea. And I want to, definitely. I'll definitely post any final things I get from it.

Sorry for my absence. Know that I still care about every single one of you, I think of you a lot.

Love and Good Music,