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Chapter 2

   Virginia Schienburg liked me so much that she invited me to hang out in the unisex bathroom by the nurse’s office with her and some other kid sometime. Lillian told me not to hang around with her, that she was a skank and was gonna ruin my rep—not like hanging around Lillian made me look like any better. So that sometime fell on a Monday, and I skipped was math to be welcomed into a smokey bathroom.

   “Close the fuckin’ door,” Virginia said, almost playfully. From underneath her white crop top, her neon bra straps glowed and dug into her shoulders. Her bangs were flushed to the side of her forehead. Her inner thighs were covered in stretch marks and barely jean shorts. She was pleasant to look at.

    Beside her was the dude everyone called “the Crest.” His real name was Vincent Zolner: a tall Russian kid with fluffy, black hair, ivory skin and brown freckles scattered across his cheeks like inversed constellations in a bucolic setting. The mustache he was expecting had the potential to be either very sexy or extremely cheesy. His skinny arms were folded across his bony chest and the small of his back pressed against the side of the sink.

   “You smoke in here?” I asked with a cracked voice.

   “The hall monitors’re afraid they’ll walk in on some kid tying their tits down,” she said. “No one ever comes in here.”

   “Don’t unisex people need this place? I mean—what do they do when the, uh, bathroom’s occupied?” I asked. Vincent smiled. Virginia snorted.

   “They go to the nurses’s office, dope. Isn’t she cute?” Virginia said, elbowing Vince as she tapped out some ash. She handed him her cigarette. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect you to show.”

   As I stiffly leaned against the far wall, I scoffed, “Pfft. I’m not a good girl.”

   “Jesus, don’t say that. Good girl. Ugh,” Virginia said, wafting. “I went to the movies with this guy this weekend because he wanted to know if I was ‘gooder than what’ he’d ‘heard around school’, and he wanted me to go down on him, like, thirty minutes into the movie. He kept leaning over to me, saying, ‘Can you lip it?’ and I’ve never heard a guy refer to head like that before, but I was like, ‘yeah’ and he was like, ‘You can’t get AIDS through the mouth, can you?’ and you know what I did? I walked out.”

   She took her cigarette back. “I’m so sick of guys thinking I’m gonna spread it. I can’t spread it through my mouth, that’s fucking stupid. I’m not a fucking snake.”

   She took a drag, then sighed.

   “What movie did you see?” Vincent said, voice deeper than expected.

   “That movie with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx and the white house gets bombed.” Virginia coughed and fanned again. “That movie was shit. No one had PSTD—”

   “PTSD?” I said.

   “Yeah, that. No one had that after all the bombing, and Jamie Foxx was more concerned about his ’Jays than his own life.” Virginia shook her head. “But the gig pays. I respect that.” She handed her cigarette back to Vincent, and this time, he took a drag. “What about you? Do you bitch and moan about people making money, or what?”

   “Oh, I don’t—I don’t know,” I said, “I don’t really care. I mean, don’t sell your soul unless you know who’s gonna own it, right? I don’t know.” I shifted my shoulders back and curled into the corner of the bathroom. “Lillian says to leave people who play those kinds of politics, at least in mus—”

   “Lillian?” Virginia asked. “Lillian Kuntz?”


   “What are you doing talking to Lillian Kuntz?”

   “Well, she was my, um, my first friend when I started high school—”

   “That girl is toxic,” Virginia said with more animation. “Like, her last name is Kuntz? Vince would know how toxic she is, she—”

   Vincent rubbed his eye from underneath his glasses when Virginia looked to him. She folded her arms instead. “Yeah, she’s fuckin’ awful… that bitch’s the reason everyone knows about my blood thing. Just because Ian Beffocks wanted to go to the movies with me. I can’t go on a decent date because of that bitch.”

   Virginia turned to the mirror and fished some eye drops out from her pocket. Vincent took his glasses off, then cleaned the lens with his shirt.

   “Are you two friends because of that?” I asked. Virginia nodded. I always thought that said so much about people: bonding over hatred for a mutual enemy.

   “Anyway,” Virginia said. “How you been?” Her thumb and index finger stretched the lids of her eyes, and she blinked when the drop hit her pupil. “Have you stopped talking to that Becca Miller bitch?”

   “Let’s not talk about Becca yet,” I said. Virginia nodded.

   “Alright, alright. You’ve got boundaries. I respect that,” she said and then asked Vincent about some script he was writing. He confirmed that Caleb Wiater and Rosy Molina were his leading couple. “They’re even practicing kissing,” Vincent said at some point, tickled. He wanted to capture something about people who don’t live in boxes, and how they drift to each other and strengthen the negative space outside of the box, if that makes sense. I couldn’t follow most of what he said, but it sounded interesting. He said he was almost finished with the script.

   “I need to get more characters,” he said. “I got a great location just off a trail in Sleeping Giant. Not every scene’ll be filmed there, though, we’ll be around Hamden—” and he went on and on until the bell yawned loud enough for us to hear.

   “Shit,” Virigina said. She wet her thumb, put the cigarette out with saliva, then searched her backpack. “You should come see the film project unfold. Maybe be an extra. Whatever, you know?” She tucked one of those pinetree-shaped air fresheners into my jacket. “Meet us on the path leading to the castle.”

   “Sleeping Giant?”

   “Sleeping Giant.”

Virginia pushed me out of the bathroom a second later, and while the sound of  hallway humming served as background music, a boy with a feminine face, waiting outside with a gym uniform, turned around when he saw the smoke follow me out. He headed in the direction of the nurse’s office.
This is part of the original story I'm writing for :iconmistermissbi:. I think I'm going to publish the chapters out of order, but with the correct chapter title above head. So, if this is chapter 2, then next might be chapter 7, then 5, then 15, etc. Just so I can scramble my details and keep a person hooked and if you need to go back, you can search through the story again. 

But the main character's name is Ivory, and that's not mentioned in this chapter!
JukeboxJude Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
What's this story about? :) Because I am confused...
jellyandjamXD Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Writer
It's going to be about filming a movie as teenagers, and how Vince sends it into a film festival years later, and it's going to be shown at the festival. They're all going to meet up there to see it. 
JukeboxJude Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Oh okay. It's sounds all right. :)
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