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Ambrose and Val by jellyandjamXD Ambrose and Val by jellyandjamXD
Ambrose Regers belongs to :iconfurresoto:
This is very cartoony, yet very cute at the same time. Also, I got lazy and just gave Val some spandex shorts instead of drawing her feather skirt. I also gotta get better with these colored pencils.
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Emmi-Kat Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Student Filmographer
Furresoto Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015   Traditional Artist
ohh gosh this art style is so cute jasmund, i love it! they both look so good ahhhh :hug:
ambry's face is perfect. and val just looks all-around great here.
they were really quite a cute couple, werent they? :giggle:
agh your art is just so good. tysm for drawing him. <3
jellyandjamXD Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Student Writer
Thanks! And they really were, I think they were good for each other. I can imagine how friendly they were after their split, too. I think they were good friends who really cared a lot about each other. :aww:

He was a pleasure to draw! :la:
Furresoto Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015   Traditional Artist
YES thats what i imagine too. <33 i do really think he was genuinely in love with her for a while tho. but other than that he always cared about her in a friend way, before and after.

a new collective soul album just came out and whenever i hear the romantic songs on it i think about the two of them. x3 
gosh im starting to remember why i liked this ship so much. 
jellyandjamXD Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Student Writer
YES, SAME, SAME!! The Rolling Stone headline for their break up would probably be about how civil their split is and whoever's being interviewed talks kindly about the other xD

Yeah! They both seem like listeners who are reluctant to talk about their feelings, but somehow, the two of them find a way to get information out of the other and comfort each other. Like, Val understands his depression without having it before; I'm sure that when they were dating, all she wanted to do were things that would make him happy. 

Aw :happycry: I'm developing my characters more as I write like this; I forgot that Val was meant to be a flirty sweetheart. :XD:
Furresoto Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015   Traditional Artist
xD Thats so cute. i love relationships like that. *cries* i cant wait until next week after finals when i have time to draw pictures of them and stuff yeeee. i atleast definitely need to draw carnivalle some time. i love her facial stucture hnng. ;-;

Awwww yeah! >3< thats so sweet. she's such a genuine human being, i love her. <3 i love to picture them just going out and having fun together. not necessarily romantic things, either, just fun things, you know?? i feel like he would talk a lot around her though. xD because i think being around her just makes him really energetic and he'd just want to tell her about everything. but i bet there's also days where they just sit and listen to music together and dont really say much. is there a certain reason they broke up? like for ambrose, i think maybe he just realised he wasn't supposed to have a lifelong romantic partner. he's already kinda got a (platonic) soulmate, lol. but i wonder if he left uncomfortable at the thought of having a romantic relationship for so long.

Well she's definitely still a sweetheart. x3 lol this is how we used to develop our characters, remember?? we used to write comments back and forth like this haha
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December 6, 2015
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