Fond of Fonts! - issue 2

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By jelloween
Hey there!

It's me again with another Fond of Fonts newsletter! I hope you enjoyed the previous issue as much as I enjoyed making it :D A big, big thanks to everyone who commented and faved: spread the font love around!

Speaking of spreading the font love, a while ago cloud-no9 asked me if I had a stamp or something people could put in their journals to promote fonts across dA. A very nice idea I thought! So... although stupid/boring/annoying school work kind kinda slowed the process of making it down, I now proudly present you ... * drumroll* ... the dA hearts Fonts promo button!

dA hearts Fonts by jelloween

Don't mind the sucky quality of the thumbnail, the real button is crispy clear and ready for you to use ;) To put it in your journal just copy the below piece of html code and paste it somewhere in your journal text.

<a href="…"></a>

You can also use :thumb64728373: but dA converts thumbnailpictures to jpg, which causes quality loss (as you can see in the picture above)...

With that said, I'll shut up and let you go drool over this issue's font features :drool:
Have lots of fun!

:heart: jelloween

:bulletgreen: FONT FEATURES

maagkramp by ficod Cash Font by despicablehero bQUBIK by falafelkiosken
Techno Funk font by ashzstock :thumb50559674: blowback by est-71
:thumb62197920: Violent Alligator - font by sampratot :thumb64710645:
quarters typeface by iamsla Special K by ficod Webcomic whore by shonenpunk

Well, that's it for now. Suggestions, critiques and comments are always welcome! :)
© 2007 - 2021 jelloween
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sampratot's avatar
much apreciate for the feature...
ashzstock's avatar
Ooh thanks a bunch for the feature! There are some great fonts there, so many talented people!
tenko72's avatar
Nice font feature! I love a good font.
tenko72's avatar
:hug: Your welcome!
iamsla's avatar
thank you sooo much for featuring me. when i submitted it, i had no idea it would be so popular.
may be i'll send in some others, but hopefully as TTF files.
thanks again and have a smile face from me:)
jelloween's avatar
thank you :) I love your font :heart:
iamsla's avatar
well, i've done it once, i'll do it again... thank you for the feature. keep up the good work, really enjoy seeing what else you'll find:)
NunoDias's avatar
This is an amazing article...something i appreciate and isnt recognize in this community...awesome initiative!!:clap:
jelloween's avatar
sampratot's avatar
i'm flattered.
sampratot's avatar
thanks for mentioning me there.
it's mean a lot for me.
jelloween's avatar
you should be ;) it's a great font!
bleedsopretty's avatar
jelloween's avatar
est-71's avatar
Sweet! No idea you had this thing going... keep up the good work!
jelloween's avatar
Thanks! I will try my best to bring some attention to our little font gallery :D
ficod's avatar
You're doing a great job here!

Thanks for featuring my fonts :-)
jelloween's avatar
you're welcome! dA needs more fontdesigners like you :D
jelloween's avatar
thank you for the support :)
eidrien's avatar

im pretty shure, the girl i did the font for, will love to hear this!

jelloween's avatar
great, I'm glad you are happy!
BloodyDesire's avatar
I'm totally addicted to fonts :excited: great fonts you have there :drool:
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