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Font: ZHANG - free

I made Zhang because I got inspired by the many Japanese and Chinese names I seem to see everywhere these days... hmm...

No accented characters, because I have noooo time. Hope you still enjoy!

Give proper credit if you use. A comment or :+fav: if you download it would be appreciated. Me likes to know where my fonts go :)

More Jelloween fonts...

Zhang is Copyright (c) 2007 by and a Trademark (tm) of Tjarda Koster
© 2007 - 2021 jelloween
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Is this still available?:)

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I :heart: your font so much. :D I used it here:…

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It's interesting, but very *very* hard for me to read at a distance/small sizes
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this cannot be use in advertising right ?
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It can, but you need a commercial license to do so. If you are interested in buying a commercial license, please note me.
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Hi, I use your font here : [link]
Sorry, I initialy put the link in my work, but forgot to tell here ! Fixed now and hope it's ok for you !

Nice work anyway ;) !
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nice, thanks for letting me know! :D
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No prob, thanks to you for this font ! ;)
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i really like the look of this font... i'm sure i'll be able to work it in some places. thanks for making and sharing.
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I like this font indeed!!!! Well done!!!
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i`d say it`s rather techno than asian. but i still like most of its letters
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I am whisking it away. Away, I say!

Fair warning.
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they are cute.
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Such a lovely set..:clap:
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very nice miss jello - I agree with what liquisoft said ^^ talented girl :)
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thank you very much :hug:
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The font is so prettyyy...<33

Thank you! ^w^
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Very nice display font. You know, there aren't nearly enough options for "asian" themed fonts. Mostly people stick to the few that come with the typical mac/windows machine or avoid them altogether, and I think it's a mistake. Those default asian fonts are an insult, because they are over the top and also lack any sort of cultural significance, while avoiding use of asian fonts altogether means ignoring the potential cultural tie that an asian restaurant (for example) could have in its branding.

I'm going to keep this one handy for when somebody asks me to do something asian...whenever that might be. :P
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you wont believe that i was also planning to design a custom font like this, as you can see it completely match my logo design [link]

i like them friend !!! :)
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Awesome. Which programme do you use to make fonts?
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