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S M I R N O F .ttf
by T. Koster
Smirnof Freeware font was completed, and made available for download
on 26/01/2006. It is best used at (any multiple of) 16pt without

Even though I make this font available as freeware for personal use,
it may NOT be re-distributed on any media, it may not be sold, it
may not be renamed or converted and it may not be made available
for download on any web page/ftp site without my permission.
E-mail me and ask for my permission. I will more than likely give
it to you. If you want to use it commercially, contact me first.

I shall, in no event, be liable for any damages arising out of use
of this font.

E N J O Y !!!
© 2006 - 2021 jelloween
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i like it ~ thank you so much
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These fonts that I was looking for. thank you very
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I used your font for a banner on my forum.
Here is the post where I credited you and you can see the banner at the top.

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thanks for letting me know!
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Excellent font, thanks!
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very usefull font m8, great job!
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it;s really good!
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i am trully speachless! its awsoomeee..
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i am trully speachless! its awsoomeee..
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love the font...thanks jelloween
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I'd like use your font on a free Virtual magazine where I'm desinger

Check it here [link]

If you accept you'll notify when we publish and use it

Great font Thankyou for your atention Bye!

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yes, you may use the font, but do not forget to credit me (a link to my deviant page would be fine)!
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Very nice font. Used here [link]
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That looks real nice!

However, there are 2 things you need to know/do:
- Please credit me in the description (a link to my deviantArt page would be fine)
- If you are planning on selling the design (which you are according to your description) you need to buy a commercial license for the use of the font. For more info, contact me by note.

The rules for using my fonts can also be read in my journal.
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i dont sell the font :) i sell only the design (:

i will update my desc. (:
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I know you are not selling the font, but commercial use includes using the font in something you want to sell, i.e. your design.
If you do not want to buy a commercial license for Smirnof, then you cannot sell any design in which you have used it (you may of course sell the design using somebody elses font :))
These are my rules and if you are not ok with them, then please do not use my fonts.
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oh. im soory, i updated it now.
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