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June 17, 2008
*jelloween brings us another fun font! Font: PUPPETEER - free is a grungy blackletter font that will add instant charm to any project. The little grunge details makes it stand out from other blackletter fonts.
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Font: PUPPETEER - free

Just a quick grungy blackletter font, while I'm waiting for my superduperslow teachers to review my Master's Thesis...

It's lowercase only, BUT lowercase and uppercase letters have different patterns so you can mix and combine 'em to avoid repeating letters. HOORAY! :strip:

Read the included README file to learn what you may and may not do with it.

Favourites and comments if you download or like it are VERY VERY (did I say VERY yet?) VERY much appreciated! And of course, give proper credit if you use it anywhere public...

Btw, the preview pic was made using the awesome old poster tutorial from [link] :D

Copyright (c) 2008 by Tjarda Koster. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
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We must try, thanks.

love it thanks
hittatandblekning's avatar
This is simply amazing..This is really cool to use it as a t-shirt printing..Love the font much :)
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Hello - I am a big fan of your Puppeteer font! Beautiful work.

I wonder if you would please consider converting it to a Google Font? That would allow me to make a nice website...(where I will credit you)

Thank you, 

Paul McGough
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great stuff and great attitude!!!
Thindlos's avatar
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This is so awesome! Thanks a bunch for making this! :love:
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Thank you for sharing this. Many years ago, I was a font junkie who would spend hours upon hours studying letter forms. I even built a version of DeVinne Ornamented with one of the older CorelDRAW suites. Fonts rock.
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I used this here:

Inquisitor by TuikKunen
Elisabeth-Hackmann's avatar
oh what a great font ..
An0r's avatar
Thank you very much for this font, exactly the one I was looking for, even better ! Love the patter, it makes letters so real :)
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Yep!! I found the amazing font HERE.........
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Thank you very much:)
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[link] I used your font for the first time! Love the medieval feel of it, only too bad it doesn't have capitals... Thaaanks!
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Woah..that is such a pretty font!!! It has a really medival look to it, which is something you see a lot these days, but yours is one of the few that actually look really good!! I <3 it!!!!!!
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I love this font!
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