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Pixelicious is best viewed at (any multiple of) 8pt without anti-aliasing (duh, it's a pixelfont ^^)
Click on 'Download to desktop' to download the font. Please fav if you use :)

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P I X E L I C I O U S - 8pt
by T. Koster

Pixelicious Freeware font was completed, and made available for download
on 05/01/2006.

Even though I make this font available as freeware for personal use,
it may not be re-distributed on any media, it may not be sold, it
may not be renamed or converted and it may not be made available
for download on any web page/ftp site without my permission.
E-mail me and ask for my permission. I will more likely give
it to you. If you want to use it commercially, contact me first.

I shall, in no event, be liable for any damages arising out of use of this font.

E N J O Y !!!
© 2006 - 2022 jelloween
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