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Font: MACHINATO - preview 1.0

UPDATE 17-07-2007 Get Machinato here (with a 75% discount until July 31st)!


So yeah, I changed the name of the font. Turned out someone else had already taken Morticia :( :shrug:
Machinato (pronounce Ma-ke-na-toh) is sort of a tribute to the Italian lessons I'm taking at the moment. 'In machina' was the first sentence I learned :D

There are now 10 different styles in the font family (extralight, light, regular, semibold, bold and their oblique counterparts). I think I will be finishing it this or next week.

I'm still in doubt if I should sell Machinato on Myfonts or try to get it included in the linotype library. That'd be awesomely cool but I don't know how much I would earn from the sales and if the font is good enough...

While I ponder some more about the above issue, please enjoy the preview!
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By the way, I think the name 'Machinato' is way better than 'Morticia' which sounds quite sinister. Morticia really doesn't fit your design in my opinion.
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Absolutely wonderful design! I particularly like the design of the 'b' and the bottom of the stem of letters like 'a' and 'u' going inwards.
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oh beautiful..but there isn't anyone that ican down,,,
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nope, it's not free, you can buy it here
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very very nice one :)
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Really quite awesome =D
Anyway I could have just one out of the family? For free? Please?
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wow this is a sweet font
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the font looks good, i like that you made the ligth abd bold versions of it, and reading the sentences you put for sample just made me lols a lot


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i love your fonts : )
i want you to design some for me one day...
(meet me after 6 under the old oak!)
i realised on my recent submission; i was bored of the fonts i have so i need more!
btw - i thought you might like this site [link]
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:D thanks kit!
ps. that site is hilarious! :rofl:
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This is gonna be my first font buy :)
I think you've done a great job and want to support you. I wish I could afford the whole pack though. Maybe some other time.
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thank you :blowkiss: that's awesome of you! :aww:
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I just checked the letters for Esperanto (they are considered distinct letters and have their own dictionary sections) and they look great! :)
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hey jelloween, just wanted to say i just bought your lovely font at myfonts. great work!
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wow, thank you! :hug:
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No. Not quite good!
The more I look at it, the more I fckn love it!
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hahahaha, thanks! ;)
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This sound like a great question to float at, if you ask me. Get the answer straight from the horses' mouths. Also, do a search, since I'm vaguely recalling several discussions about this specific topic.

I always buy my typefaces on MyFonts because of the convenience and the bulk discounts. I might buy through Linotype's FontExplorerX if it had the discounts and was in general just a better store.
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