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March 6, 2011
Font: JESTERDAY - demo by *jelloween is a Sans Serif typeface demo that lends a playful, yet professional look to your textual projects.
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Font: JESTERDAY - demo

Don't mind the nonsense I put in the preview pic :) Say hi to my new type family Jesterday!

It consists of 4 weights (light, regular, medium and bold), a broad range of accented characters and even some sexy ligatures, how about that :D! I spent quite some time on it so I do hope you like it as much as I do.

The Jesterday family is for sale on But as promised in my journal you can also download a demo version here at dA or here to try out Jesterday for free!

Favourites and comments if you download or like it are VERY VERY (did I say VERY yet?) VERY much appreciated! And of course, give proper credit if you use it anywhere public...

The Jesterday demo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Read the included README file to learn what you may and may not do with it.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Tjarda Koster - Jelloween Font Foundry
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Can I use the font for a new 3D animated TV series? 

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Sure! If it is a commercial project I would appreciate it if you bought a license for the font at….
could I use this font for contest exhibit? because my English is very bad, i'm not sure whether i can use this for commercial use ㅠㅠ
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thats quite a sexy font! :D
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I believe I commented on this typeface before but I bet I have something more constructive to say now than I did then. I don't think I've ever seen a sans serif which looks so wonky yet balanced. It looks very energetic. Your ligatures are a little odd as they have quite a lot of space in between, but I like them for that same reason. I think particularly the t_t ligature is very clever.
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I'm using this as the subhead font in my capstone! I like how friendly it is, yet it's not overly flamboyant.
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thank you :aww: have fun!
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Ah! One thing I have noticed: At small sizes on low res media (EG computer screens) it tends to be hard to distinguish between commas and periods. Otherwise it's quite readable!
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:iconcongratsddplz: Congratulations on your well-earned DD! This deviation has been featured in the following article:
:star: March 2011 Resources DDs
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you're welcome!
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Awesome, I love the way the 'f' and 'i' connect; that's the way I write! :3
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It's like comic sans!

I keed, I keed.

I really like the tone of it; lighthearted but I still take it seriously. Awesome work. The DD is well deserved.
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Eeeep! I love it~
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Omg, i totally see a bit of Danish in that preview pic! >w<
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Haha, you've seen correctly :D
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"The fox jumps over the lazy dog". XD
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Cool! I really like the feel of this typeface. The only point I'm a little apprehensive about would be the ligatures on the t (or really close kerning?). In any case, awesome font!
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