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Quick script typeface I designed over the weekend. It's very loosely based on my own handwriting and consists of 3 widths (condensed, normal, extended) in 2 weights (regular, bold). Plus as many accented characters as I felt like making! :D

Favourites and comments if you download or like it are VERY VERY (did I say VERY yet?) VERY much appreciated! Your positive words and feedback keep me motivated to make new free fonts.
And of course, give proper credit if you use it anywhere public. A link to my dA profile page is sufficient.

Demisol Script is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Read the included README file to learn what you may and may not do with it.

The preview image was made using the paper texture from [link] and the little tape thingies come from [link]

Copyright (c) 2011 by Tjarda Koster - Jelloween Font Foundry
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Thankyou so much! I love it ❤

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Thanks for the font Jelloweeen, it's gorgeous!! I'd like to know if I could use it for my comic book.
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cutiebxtHobbyist General Artist
how do i make the hearts? haha
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CollectingCatGutsHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello I seem to be having a problem, when I try to type something it just types hearts
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Sugariex9Hobbyist General Artist
Same here
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Kona-AdreigusHobbyist General Artist
Aaa, I love this font! Reminds me of Life is Strange!
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KoKo-The-RabbitStudent Digital Artist
Help? I've installed the font but anytime I type, it just types hearts. ;;w;;
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TentacleMonstressHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic. Love it! <3
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- Love this font <3 Thank you.
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0-Bluejay-0Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this font it's amazing and well made! USING!
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moved-accounts-bitchStudent General Artist
how to use
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EpsilonMoonStudent Digital Artist
Cool i like it c:
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krikayaHobbyist General Artist
so cute totally using this
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DandelionLambHobbyist Digital Artist
How does one use this? ;w;;
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SweetArtz363Student Digital Artist
Its so pretty! <3
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ShionshetrrHobbyist Digital Artist
it's s pretty!
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FelenraelHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so nice! <3 May use it in my website, will link and give credit if so. Thank you!
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ALUViKHobbyist Digital Artist
I may use this font as the title part of a comic I may or may not be making, just notifying you if that's alright with you UwU

Also, love this font way too much!
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Hi, this font is so cool! Can I use it in my children's book? I tried to contact you via email on the readme but haven't heard back... do I need to buy a licence?
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quasi-omniaHobbyist Digital Artist
downloaded, this is so cute!
can't wait to use!
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DemonWolfHeartHobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya! Hey if possible can you tell me how you made your fonts?
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NorrolithHobbyist General Artist
I like this, I am tempted to make it the font of one of my note taking apps.
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StarMasayumeProfessional Digital Artist
Pretty and cute! I love it :)
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