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Font: BLINKIE 10 - free

Blinkie 10 is the first pixelfont I have made since a very long time. It contains many, many accented characters and symbols to suit a wide range of languages.

Use at (a multiple of) 10pt with anti-aliasing turned off.

As far as I know, Blinkie 10 works in flash.

Give proper credit if you use. A comment or :+fav: if you download it would be appreciated. Me likes to know where my fonts go :)

More Jelloween fonts...

Blinkie 10 is Copyright (c) 2007 by and a Trademark (tm) of Tjarda Koster
© 2007 - 2021 jelloween
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Using these for a skin. :)
thank you very much! i love these! ^_^
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Does Blinkie 10 work for the Arabic script?
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Thank you!! this is great. I've been looking for good blinkie fonts since today (when i decided to take up blinkie making lol)
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you're welcome :aww: have fun!
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dunno, do i need another pixelfont... but this one's .ttf. and extra characters, good. thanks anyway, for your effort. if i get to use it i will tell you.
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I've been looking for a font like this for ages. *downloads* ^^
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A very nice pixel font, thank you!
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+fav, thanks for this!
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Sweet... a pixel font with accents! :D
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Thanks a lot for the font! I used it in a wallpaper I made for my new Helio Ocean mobile device by Virgin Mobile. Here's the link:


-Blade Genexis
jelloween's avatar
I'm glad you like it! Nice wallpaper btw :)
Blade-Genexis's avatar
Hehe, thanks! =D

-Blade Genexis
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Is there no end to your fabulous font work? Honestly, I can see no land in sight. Lovely, again, and I'll probably use it more often than not on icons and things.

Never commercial, though, of course.
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just what I wanted :heart:
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THank you! <3
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Downloaded. It looks very beautiful! Congratulations!
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nice font thanls for shareing
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It's a nice font, great work.

It seems that you like to do this!
The-Vheissu's avatar
Hmm, looks great. I'll have to try it out sometime.
Been looking for something similar. If you ever make something kind of like this but a bit bigger and more like Arial, not me :D
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