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Misadventures of Dr. Bardo

By jellonator
This is the Misadventures of Dr bardo,
A Ludum Dare 25 game made in 72 hours by:
and MKSTAR26.

The controls are mentioned in-game.
The theme was "You are the Villain"

Made with Flashpunk.

fix 0.1:
-fixed bug where you die when entering boss room
fix 0.4:
-bottomless pits have their functions again
-added some text at the bottom of the page for clarity on other websites(e.g. dA, Newgrounds)
-Made the buzzsaw enemies less powerful, 10 damage instead of 20.
fix 0.6:
-fixed boss health not resetting
-change boss health text colour to black for readability
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Shouldn't you die when you fell off? just asking
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It's a bottomless pit. It has no bottom for you to splatter against, duh.
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"In level 7, the player's y is below 480, which is alright because the level height is 960. But in the Final boss room, the room height is 480 and since the player is below the room for a slip second, the game thinks he fell and died down a bottomless pit. I had to remove endless pit functionality to make it work again.

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hard game, i love it.