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*waits patiently for, like, 7 more years*

I have such a backlog of art to make and no will to make it, so here's something i started circa my last submission. Potentially counts as a redraw to that one thing I did back in 2011
always weak for boys curling themselves around girls instead of the opposite

Black, White (c) Game Freak, Art (c) Me
Old Friends! New Looks!
Let me just say that I am manning the engine for the gen V remake hype train, yall welcome to hop on whenever, be that now or in like 6 years when these games actually come out

Hilda, Hilbert, Pokemon © Game Freak, Art © Me.
Use Your Sword as a Sword!
I've been tossing these redesigns around for like... a year and a half? Originally I was going to make more room in the dex to have 3 different evolutions but that was going to take work and I'm lazy,

Enguard are very honor-bound pokemon that will absolutely refuse to fight dirty. That does not mean, however, that they are not very cunning: Enguard are adept at analyzing opponents' fighting styles and can find their weak points in a matter of seconds. Enguard can be sub-categorized based on their school of fighting style. Two of the schools use more methodical approaches to fighting, one preferring stabbing attacks, one preferring slashing attacks. Both, interestingly, seem to only be interested in attacking opponents' core. The third school also uses stabbing attacks, but does not focus as much on the central body of an opponent and has a somewhat looser approach to battle. Though each style of fighting can have merits in a certain situations and an Enguard may use all three, trainers seem to get competitive about which school is best. However, one thing remains constant: a well-trained Enguard is one that fights with precision and speed. Enguard also seem to enjoy fencing with human partners for practice, though even professional athletes have a hard time beating them. Their cord tails, which are electrically functional, actually developed as they co-evolved with human technology. This phenomenon had never been seen before Enguard, and has been a hotbed of research into pokemon evolution for decades.

Pokemon © Game Freak, Enguard and Art © Me.
Children of the Blade
As I am prone to doing, I've revisited my fakedex and discovered some things were in horrible need of a redesign. Also I needed another set of fighting types. I swear to got this art and redesign binge is the last go-around. I want a poster of all of these and have for years!

Kipu are a common sight in suburban neighborhoods, where they come in from the wild to play with children. Some parents have concerns about letting their children play with a Pokemon that has a sword for a hand, but the blade that they wield is not incredibly dangerous, and Kipu are not malicious enough to intentionally hurt their playmates. Their play also serves as sparring lessons, allowing them to develop their personal fighting style. Kipu, much like humans, can be either left or right handed, and it is immediately present at birth which one will be. Strangely, also like humans, Kipu have a stronger tendency to be right-handed. What advantage this affords is not well known. The cord wrapped at their waist seems to be some kind of marker of status or experience; those with longer or brighter cords have apparent influence over those of a lower rank. It could also just be that they are mimicking their parents, who have been humorously known to use the cord as a leash to restrain their children when they get too riled up.

Pokemon © Game Freak, Kipu and Art © Me. Name credit of instagram user chris_gets_fitt. Thanks for the help!
Edit 7/14/18: Art update

Cosluna. Yep, I took out the "m" after finally deciding that it was only there for purposes of evil.

COSLUNA gather in large groups to worship CRESSELIA. These gatherings become so large that travelers in the dark mistake them for small towns quite often. They use the light on their tail to search for berries, but the light sometimes attracts DUSTOX which COSLUNA will also eat if hungry enough. They were once hunted to near extinction for their beautiful body parts including their jewels and feathery antennae. Today they still remain somewhat uncommon. COSLUNA have gold psychic auras which they coat their wings in to assist flight.

My friend claimed to have dreams involving me and a pet luna moth whose wingtips I painted purple. It's a funny story, actually; it's why I decided to make the early bug a luna moth. :D

Pretty happy with the art, and super-proud of the design. The colors don't feel quite in the right place, though.

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Cosluna and Art (c) Me.


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Kinda. I mean I've been in a homestuck art phase and well, that keeps me away. If I had to predict, spriting will start back up when I go back to school. Otherwise it's really just a bunch of commission uploads, which you probably don't want to see anyway.
But speaking of homestuck art, y'all know about that welovefine contest, right? If you don't, the gist of it is homestuck t-shirt design contest, and I've got like 8? designs up for rating. And I'd really love to have your rates! You have to have a welovefine account buuut I'm pretty sure that you can sign in with facebook or even steam. So here are links to the shirts, and don't forget to drop me some comments or share them with ya friends if you like my designs!

Alpha Kids

Multiverse frog pixel art

Troll wheel version 1  version 2

Jane (personal fave)


Johnroxy because everything's a joke

GCat and Science

Ok thanks luv ya bye! Haha maybe I'll upload some junk later. Sorry I've been inactive!
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