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As of today, Sugar, my long-time cat with a peculiar appetite, has passed away from her old age.

I will miss her, but I know she was happy to be around for the many years she was with me! I'm going to try my best to humor through the sad times, because I know that she was truly a lucky girl.
  • Watching: Forensic Files

  • Watching: Forensic Files
Sugar just ate pieces of a strawberry shortcake… and whipped cream. She intentionally stretched her paw out, doing the "gimme" gesture. I didn't think she would actually eat those.

This cat is getting weirder and weirder in her old age.
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  • Watching: Forensic Files
when you wanna draw, but I've already got writing crap to do, and I'm procrastinating again ;;

someone buy me a Switch so I can play Puyo Tetris, please
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Why are my latest journal entries appearing in the "newest deviations" section

Isn't that kind of pointless when most people just click "more journal entries" when browsing dA journals?

… Is there any way to undo it, like how you could remove the activity feed? Because it's really jarring, I'm sorry. Of all the things dA decided to change. :V
Uh oh, I drank! Happy birthday to meeeeee.

But really, had a good time at the pub. Probably one of the better birthdays I've had in a while.

This movie is pretty much what you’d expect from a short SciFi film: cheesy, ridiculous acting, weird special effects…

And I enjoyed every waking moment of it. Michael Harris as General Hardcastle, was by far the most hilarious thing about this movie.

Yet despite that? I think the movie also had some pretty thoughtful moments. I like the idea of it. A Frankenstein monster creation that remembers what lives made up his body, and remember places he’s been to? It’s kinda sad actually, especially the scene with the drawing. That one always sticks out to me the most.

I’m not a film critic, I usually analyze story over how the film is made, so my only real complaint was that there’s too many face close-ups.

Since it’s a SciFi original, it’s only 90 minutes, so it may feel a bit too fast-paced for some. But if you wanna see Michael Harris ham it up in a Frankenstein-based movie, here you go.

Well, I saw the ending of it at least. It's called "Mr. Stitch". It was a SciFi original movie (before the channel changed its name), I must have caught it there years ago.

I'm going to watch it fully now, just so I can see what it was about. It's only 90 minutes long.
I said this on my Tumblr, I'm gonna say copypaste it here. This needs to be said now, mainly due to Puyo Tetris being localized to the west.

If you are a fan of Puyo Puyo… 

Do not harass/insult fans of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, and Kirby’s Avalanche.

I’ve seen this quite a few times on Tumblr, and especially on YouTube, where Puyo fans will bash Mean Bean Machine, and sometimes Kirby’s Avalanche. This is where I started putting my foot down.

(Names censored for obvious reasons, the first person who replied has gone off on videos of the MBM soundtrack before though)

Doing stuff like this? Is scaring away the Sonic/Mean Bean Machine and Kirby fans. They’re not going to want to try Puyo Puyo, if the community is full of people who act like elitists. Whining about the reskinned games, is not going to win people over, or make them hate MBM/Kirby’s Avalanche. You’ll just make yourself look like an ass.

Instead, try to introduce them to the series nicely, and explain how the later installments have improved mechanics, so if they liked the gameplay of MBM/Kirby’s Avalanche, they should play the other Puyo games for more. Be respectful if they happen to like Mean Bean Machine and Kirby’s Avalanche.

That’s all I want to say. Do not scare off other fans who may want to try Puyo. It will help in the long run if Puyo Tetris sells, more than anything.


  • Watching: Forensic Files
It has been done, and new dA avatar.

He hungers.

Edit: For those wondering where I got the name idea, it was mainly this and chatting on Skype with friends

… Also, I totally forgot the polls for those with core membership were a thing on dA.
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Someone give me an idea for a new username, I'm finally sick of this one

same with my tumblr, maybe
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in Hyrule Warriors I mean, which includes the two side-stories, and the final one. No spoilers here, don't worry.

Now, on one hand… HNNNNNNNNNNNNGH. I'm happy things turned the way it did. I think my heart would have broke otherwise, as stupid as that sounds.

Yet on the other, I somehow feel unsatisfied.

I feel like the final battle of that extra arc could have been more, and the story could have been built up a little better. It does look like it was tossed in for fan-service alone. Maybe if they brought in another proper villain with motivation, rather than just "evil from this world, yeah, go stop it", I would have liked it a bit more. Better than being forever sad though.

… speaking of that final boss, it caused so much lag on my 3DS. Hopefully when I get the new one, that problem will be fixed, because yeesh.

Anyway, maybe now, I can get back to actually being productive.

I'm guessing Vaati will never be in because Capcom was involved with Minish Cap and stuff, especially now that all the DLC is over *sobs quietly*
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I drank vodka tonight haha
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If you wanna know what I did for it, I wrote this, and posted the final chapter today. It's a remake of an older story from three years ago, that's the most I can say.

Now maybe finally, I can work on something completely original for a little bit along with the collab story, whoooo
  • Watching: Lucahjin's Ace Attorney LP
Okay, I'm just going to list literally every food that my cat has actually mooched off of me, and eaten so far this year

  • Stuffed cabbage rolls (mainly the insides and the garlic sauce)
  • Cream cheese off of a potato
  • Spicy, grilled pork
  • Pieces of spaghetti
  • Grilled asparagus
  • UPDATE: dad says she ate a piece of mozzarella cheese
What she likes to do is extend her paw out to my dinner plate in a "gimme" fashion, until I have to surrender the food she wants.
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  • Drinking: Chamomile tea
First time for me drinking tea to help calm it down, chamomile vanilla to be precise

It's good, I'm happy to finally have an excuse to drink tea. Hopefully I feel better.
at this rate, Yo-Kai Watch doesn't need to even try to be the "Pokémon Killer"

because the Pokémon anime seems to be good at destroying itself just fine
it will never properly open because of an update

I had to shift to Discord, and I'm not used to it
my cat keeps bothering me when I'm drawing and she's constantly attacking one of my pens