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Cheap Trickster

By JelliPuddi
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So in the episode Krunk’s Date, Valhallen seems to have an arch-enemy counterpart who goes without a name, nor does he say any lines. Apparently fans dub him Von Hellen? But I find that name to be a little bit on the uncreative side. 

I mean, if we’re gonna have a Loki counterpart to Valhallen’s Thor, gotta go all out, right? I ended up dubbing him “Cheap Trickster”, fitting of a trickster God of Rock, not to mention Cheap Trick has some surprisingly heavy metal and hard rock sounding songs. One of which I’m outright referencing in this piece.

Anyway, I like to think that he’s Valhallen’s little brother going through a rebellious phase. Carries around a bass guitar to contrast Val’s ax, has this rather “on and off” partnership with Comrade Red.

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