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Angel HIM

By JelliPuddi
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Continuation of the costume-themed PPG art!

I actually do kinda headcanon that HIM was an angel before becoming what he was, given he's kind of based on the devil. Perhaps he still has these old, drab clothes stowed away that he takes out during Halloween season, but doesn't bother saying where they're from.

HIM is actually my favorite villain on the show, I was happy to finally draw him!

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Omg I love this! I headcannon the Same thing
I have two seperated AU when HIM turns back to an angel when he learned to love again
And another AU where my HIMangel meets HIM and try to show HIM the good stuff
My Himangel OC looks different though lol but this art is super pretty
I wanted to draw him as a fallen angel
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This is actually more of a Halloween costume of HIM's old, previous outfit that he dug up! I imagine that his appearance changed entirely (with the claws in all) after being "damned" so to speak. I'm happy you like it though!!! :D

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Ooh I see it’s still super cute!
My Himangel is a white color with blue ^^ wirh fluffy wing ears lol I gave my Himangel claws still cuz idk what to put lol he does have another form he has wing arms

Yes I love it!!! He looks perfect in your style I don’t see many people who draws HIM close to the original im surprised 💗