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Into There To

When three become one [link] [link] [link]
Do emotions also merge?

Or something new appears?


Maniek wrote: "I feel hope. I see a man with his child walking
and then I see a mountain which is yet to be discovered.
There is a sense of excitement as to what unfolds behind the mountains."

Amnissia wrote: "I see kinda face behind and feel peacefully the warm colors."

Danielle wrote: "Makes me feel happy inside"

What do you see and feel?
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and 4 years later, I find your work beautiful still.  Hope you are doing well and still creating!
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Wowo thanks a lot! *v*
Looking back, I somehow improved a bit since then. Although I'm little busy, I'm still creating when I got time and some good ideas :3
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beautifull abstract landscape
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Yes, there indeed is for you see it :)
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I see kinda face behind and feel peacefully the warm colors. Congrats!
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That's great :)
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just beautiful :deviation:
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Thanks a lot!
If you don't mind, may I ask what do you see and feel when you look at it? :3
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... I feel home, it reminds me of 'real' (life) art :devilish: of the 50s/60s I grew up with [link] you're very (!) talented (style & COLOR), remember, there is a huge art world outside dA (the icky internet) [link] [link] ;-)
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Thanks a lot for such encouraging comment! Those are some interesting abstractions in the links. I still have long way to go :)
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:pat: no worries, it's all about intuition & quick decisions (in the flow) :work: many informell artists made most of their stuff within 2 minutes, and only kept the best (some dumped >70%) ;-)
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That is so true. The best abstractions come from ourselves :)
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Beautiful. makes me feel happy inside :)
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Thanks! I'm glad it makes you feel so :)
huh, why would this go unnoticed? It's beautiful. I love the way the colors blends in perfectly with one another and the way they show contrast!
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