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cold waters

life has become very cold since I fell in love. I don't know where  it will lead for, and what to do about it, so I'm just hardly trying to concentrate on important think and to be calm. I never thought that feelings can be so dangerous 

haha the description looks like I'm complaining to the therapist
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Do you have a place you sell prints at? I just love your work <3

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Sorry, but no (maybe I will do in the nearest future, I need to solve some problems first). Sadly I don't have even access to Paypal now, only have payment card :(

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Sorry to hear that. I do love your art though. And it always brightens my day seeing it. Thanks for sharing it on here ^^

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Thank you for such kind words! I'm super glad that my art can bring good emotions too (russian community usually thinks that I'm kinda of a bloody maniac who will eat their souls)