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Reflections of the Shire

By JEK2004
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I projected a digital painting onto a Bryce door knob model then re-painted and jazzed it up in Photoshop.
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I was just about to ask you where you've taken this grand piece then I realized it's a painting!

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very good,you did copy this. if not you have a very creative mind, not the fact that u created a whole new way of showing a visual picture of the shire but u created small and very detailed effects like tiny bits of green paint on the black bit where the door knob is. The sun glare, the chips in the wood, on the green door. not many artist can put a visual mind when they are making a work of art.i know i can't do that. truly out standing
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What a wonderfully unique and well-done piece! =D
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A wonderful idea...this is really lovely!
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Nice! facinating and original!
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what a great idea! I love the end result.........great job.
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awesome idea, I love lord of the rings and this is beautiful! I wanna fav all of your work hehe.
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Wow. Great job, it looks amazing. Very creative! :w00t:

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Thanks everyone
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Okay, that's it. You're officially awesome in my eyes. :+fav:
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i like that a lot! good job!
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Wait, so that ISN'T a photo? Because aside from the lense-flare, you can't really tell.
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This is absolutely stunning. I have never seen anything so creative... this is great. I love it. I really do. Great job. Wow.
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Thanks a lot.
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Thank you for sharing it. I really am amazed by it.
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