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Lucelly in February - Cold City
Crime Blotter Prompt
Mild Trigger Warning: Unwanted physical contact (nothing directly sexual, just suggestive)

Lucelly walked slowly through Eunomia's capital, navigating casually through the bustling nightlife. She smiled her eternal smile, seemingly ignorant to the unsettled glances she earned as she walked along the sidewalks, shoes tapping softly. Her hair, black in this form and more willing to obey the laws of physics, swayed gently in its low ponytail behind her.
Buzzing wings and masculine laughter drew her attention and she turned her head to the left.
"Heeeeeeey," a large Sylph man with huge dragonfly-style wings greeted her, flitting haltingly toward her. His companions - two other men, one wingless - chuckled and came toward her as well, spreading out and flanking her. She tilted her head. "Hey, a foreigner. You one of them Earth girls? Or from another place?" The young man, with coppery skin and pale wavy hair of an indistinct color that shimmered with the glowing
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SA: Hiranyaloka December Quests
Lucelly sat, as she always did, in the center of her room. The room itself was largely empty, a simple single-sized bed against the left-hand wall when you enter the dorm-style room and a small desk against the back wall under the window. Faerie lights were strung at the top of the walls where the ceiling and walls met, providing a soft glow but little in the way of illumination for the room.
In the exact center of the room was a strange sort of seat; a large egg-shaped cage made of wicker stained black. The back was straight to provide support, featuring a woven pattern that resembled an open lotus, the petals painted white. A thick dove-gray cushion with a red lumbar pillow filled the inside, creating a perfect nest for Lucelly, who sat somewhat cross-legged in meditation.
The egg-shaped seat hung from a metal arm that was part of a wide, sturdy, crescent-shaped base that extended a foot or so on either side of the hanging swing seat.
She was in her natural state, gray hair flowing o
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SA - Hiranyaloka Entrance
Soft light with no discernable source bathed the world in a hazy glow, edges blurred and colors muted. The horizon was dominated by the hulking shapes of a distant city, skyscrapers reaching into a pearlescent sky. The buildings were fuzzy gray against a milky sky, a bit sharper in contrast to the empty vastness above them that faded from a shimmering off-white to a deeper... off-white. One wondered if most people could even discern the subtle differences in the shifting tones.
The immediate area featured a small park on a gently rolling hill. The lawn was a swath of almost jewel-toned green, immaculately cut grass, and the shimmering colors of flowers in well-tended beds offered a startling contrast to the sky and distant buildings. A single large shade tree waved and whispered in a gentle breeze that never seemed to cease. The trunk and leaves of the tree were so sapped of color, they were nearly white, though the texture and shape of the leaves were similar to a Japanese maple.
In t
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SA: Hiranyaloka
Senshi Name: Sailor Hiranyaloka
Civilian Name: Lucelly 
Senshi Of: The Illumined Planet - spiritual enlightenment, corrupted freedom from rebirth
Member Since: 10/15/2017
Sailor Hiranyaloka walked slowly into the physical realm - or, a piece of it that had been swallowed by shadows. Her target, a young Sailor Soldier who had been bested in battle, lay at the bottom of a set of wide, shallow stairs below a throne adorned with black roses. Hiranyaloka stepped down the case, glancing once at the gaggle of frantic Senshi on the other side of a barrier of blue and white light. Their movements were stuck in near halted slow motion - Hiranyaloka was walking between the physical and astral realm, not yet under the bounds of the flow of time on Earth.
The girl who lay on her back, legs sprawled on the floor, back on the bottom step, her shoulders and head lolled back on the second, had been so full of light... but it had b
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THIS WILL GET ME ALL THE POKEMON by Jeishii THIS WILL GET ME ALL THE POKEMON :iconjeishii:Jeishii 2 4 Sailor Circinus for HiddenGardenia by Jeishii Sailor Circinus for HiddenGardenia :iconjeishii:Jeishii 15 12 Sailor Pisces for HiddenGardenia by Jeishii Sailor Pisces for HiddenGardenia :iconjeishii:Jeishii 14 11 SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Sirei by Jeishii SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Sirei :iconjeishii:Jeishii 8 2
WSP GOOD Example - Round 1
A riff from a lone electric guitar was the only sound in the otherwise empty bar. A harsh melody cut through the cold air as Malantha Ebner practiced one more time for the set that night at the Gimpy Mermaid, a little pub in a tiny town somewhere in Iowa.
As the sound of the last chord died down and she leaned forward, reaching a long arm toward the amp to shut it of, a polite clap started from the shadows behind her and to the left, where the barkeep was prepping for opening. She turned her head, myriad of piercings in her face and right ear catching the glaring overhead light and shimmering coldly.
"It ain't good enough to clap for," she drawled, arching a single pale, thin eyebrow. Her nearly colorless eyes found the bartender, a man in his mid-forties with a beer gut, a balding pate, and a scraggly gray ponytail.
"You always say that, Mal," the man responded in his raspy voice, damaged from many years of too many cigarettes and long night cheering at concerts. "It sounds even bette
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WSP BAD Example - Round 1
Alberta sat down at her desk and sighed because she was really irritated. Her teacher was a big asshoe and made her do some homework and she didn't like it because she wanted to go to a hokcey game because her boyfrand was gonna be in it. He was a good player.
"Hey are you okay, eh?" asked her best friend Mary, who was sat net to Alburta. 
"No I am like really mad, for reals!" Alberta whined really loudly. She whined some more and then got up and ran out of the classroom.
"I gotta go do some stuff, eh!"
Alberta went to the icecream parlor and got a bacon and maple sunday. The guy at the counter, named Billy, flirted with her a lot because Alberta was raelly pretty. He said "you really like maple flavor huh" and ALberta notted and said "It's because my last name is Maple haha!"
After that Alberta went home and took a really long nap because being a sailor soldier and teenaged is really hard.
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He TOTALLY looks ready to kick some ass! That said, critique time woooo! You're the only person I ever do actual critiques for haha. Vi...

The pose and expression a are great, though he seems a little... what is it. Stocky. Like with the size of his body and face/head, it's...


Jamie Carlson-Crump
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Commission Information
I am always open for commissions. :) I offer affordable commissions and specialize in character drawing and portraits.


For the Kiriban it is a full color portrait or 3/4 of the character of your choice. Screencap the page view, and send me a note with the link to the kiriban.

I am afraid that I have chosen not to use the Commissions Widget for this page on the grounds that I feel losing 20% of my already tiny profit for dA to do little more than provide the widget is pretty poor business on their part. :(


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