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Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3

By jeinu
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Hey! I have two webcomics where you can see this in action: Miamaska and Trial of the Sun. If you liked these tutorials give them a shot!

Check out part 1:The Body-
Check out part 2:Lady Faces-

Part 3: Male Faces! Long awaited I know. I'm terrible. Next one's in two-three months, on age and weight! I am quite terrible at giving estimates. Hopefully it'll come out in August!

All those characters up there are copyrighted to their respective owners, I do not claim ownership to any of them.

This tutorial series was inspired in part by an article on the TvTropes website. Click there to see more examples!
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cutabelleStudent Digital Artist
This is great
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Oh no... seing how these subtle changes affect the whole character's personality makes me worry about my lack of concern about keeping proportions and features regular from scene to scene D: . From now I think I'll pay more attention to them in order to keep a realistic, constant personality all the way through with your advice in mind. Thanks a lot.
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VirtualDesignerVixenHobbyist Digital Artist
Great job on this tutorial!
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NizrindaneHobbyist Digital Artist
Woahhhhh This will be helpful!
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GlyphBellchimeHobbyist General Artist
This will come in handy. Thank you.
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PaperAnomalyHobbyist General Artist
This is great! thanks a lot!
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Hey there!
I found your tutorials through a tumblr post and I have to tell you, I'm so glad for this! I've only just come back to drawing (had quite a long break) and now that I've somewhat achieved my own style, I wanted to tackle this exact topic, but I was rather unsure how to start. You gave me really cool input, so thanks a lot for that :)
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yihziProfessional Digital Artist
really nice tutorial !
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Phoenix677Student Traditional Artist
This will help me with my manga so it will not look like the faces are the same thank you very much.
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waterystarHobbyist Traditional Artist
A very useful and well presented tutorial.
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TerenazarStudent General Artist
I found this and our other Unique tutorials and I almost cried.  Thank you so much for making these!!
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CrystalGreeneProfessional Digital Artist
please do more tuts! you make THE BEST tuts on DA............ no joke. (tyesha and ai-bee are good too but dont have as many as you either.)

NEED MOAR TUTS! Jester Juggle - NaNoEmo14 Day 6 
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varletlegionStudent General Artist
Facial hair lineup.

Row two. The second guy to the left.

Looks just like Iningo Montoya.

You killed my father.

Prepare to die.
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opallerProfessional Digital Artist
Isso ajuda muito! Valeu!!
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BouCoupDinkyDauHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice.  Thank you for this.
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Somebody, send this tut and the other two in the series to every producer of anime and manga. Please!I like and collect anime and manga, but sometimes it is just too damn hard to tell the characters apart! Seriously!
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imaginaryelleHobbyist General Artist
Excuse me while I just favorite this whole series. Thanks!
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WillsdarkladyHobbyist General Artist
i'm such the beginner, & this is so wonderfully helpful. thank you for posting this! Clap 
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this is really helpful !
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Junsei-sanStudent Filmographer
This is perfect
DANNPAINAPPURUHobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW oUo!!! StareDad:plz: 

Estoy sorprendido de este tutorial!!

Explica de forma excelente los diferentes tipos de cabezas y sus formas de dibujarlas... en verdad nos servira de ayuda... muchas gracias!! ^_^ 

I'm surprised this tutorial! StareDad:plz: 

Excellently explains the different types of heads and ways of drawing them ... will serve us really help ... thank you very much!!!^_^ 
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capensis General Artist
Thank you for making this tutorial!
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You drew Inigo Montoya
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SublunaryCometHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for these!  They are very helpful!
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