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Get with the Times

By jeinu
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The first two events described in this cartoon are true. Special thanks to Alex Boese, author of ELEPHANTS ON ACID, and Cole Gamble of for providing the inspiration.

For more recent developments in the field, visit [link]

This cartoon does contain some mature content.

in film format at long last! enjoy, everyone.
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Fastfirecheetah's avatar
Ooh, that's nasty.

But cool.
SharkyToof's avatar
X'D.... what?!!?
Nosforit's avatar
"...something more important but fucked if I know what that is", so you relinquish control of your pleasure centres to entertainment, drugs, money, sex and leadership and then ride your high horse until it drops dead from between your legs.

This is so far from NPOV it reminds me of Reefer Madness. I hear the Fox network is hiring.

If this is the most disturbing thing you've ever seen you're living under a rock. Check out the holocaust, Somalia and the Conquistadores. Those are the things depressed people think about, so a little brain surgery to numb the pain doesn't rate high on the chart.
jeinu's avatar
thanks for watching!
BunnysBigCookie's avatar
*twitch* *twitch*
lol XD
XxBlue-MoonxX's avatar
Omg hahaha I lughed so hard xD Great job
InvaderLop's avatar
love the animation but im not sure if i completly understand the plot..
Spring-Heeld-Jim's avatar
that was the most creepy disturbing thing ive seen. Ever.

and what makes it worse is that this stuff is happening right now for people with chronic incurable depression, but what if? i'm thoroughly freaked out
toa-rpg14's avatar
MadeleiZoo's avatar
wow, that was extremely disturbing, but really good.
Desdinova84's avatar
This guy goes to her neck just sitting down. If he was to stand up she would go to his waist.

He is a GIANT
jeinu's avatar
haha yes, yet only in foresight i realize this.

good perception !
Diego-the-Incubus's avatar
You know how I can tell when a story gets disturbingly deep and profound? When I feel my blood turning cold in my body and have to stop to catch my breath before I pass out. I studied stuff like this in my college Intro to Psychology class. Scary stuff.

It's a spooky story, but I love it.
gabmadrid's avatar
Damn this is nice. Feels like an episode from Aeon Flux!
Dj-Truth's avatar
would i get the device? i have two answers, one before the operation and one after. Scary how this could be a possibility.
AniMerrill's avatar
That was amazing, very insightful~
copor's avatar
TherapudicCaffeine's avatar
I really like the blond haired character. She's really cool. Who does her voice acting?
jeinu's avatar
a gal named Laura Post, she's very good ! here's her website if you want it [link]
Mawok666's avatar
"omg omg omg omg mummy!" lol I loved that bit xDD

this is so well done, and congrats on the DD!
the detail in this is amazing, and its kind of off putting and funny at the same time, really nice overall effect.
I wouldn't be wanting this, and that poor gay guy ):
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