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Too Soon

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This is totally tasteless, I realize. But that's how I knew Ricky. He didn't ever give a shit what other people thought. That was simultaneously his most negative and most positive point to me.

Never got the chance to meet him in person.

ADDENDUM: I'm really glad that a lot of people understand the intent of this. I should have realized that fans of Ricky's work tend to not get upset over controversial humor. Thanks, everyone.
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I'm sure that's what he was thinking.
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This is awesome.
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I think he'd think it was funny as hell (no pun intended); and so do I.
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Rocky-OProfessional Digital Artist
This is so Ricky-appropriate humor!!
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At least it's nice to know he'll keep us laughing even after he's dead. Rest in peace bro. Doubt I'll ever find a sense of humor like his again...
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I'm laughing and crying at the same time. Laughing because I know this is how Ricky would have wanted a memorial comic and crying because it reminds me of how much I will miss him and his work. I'm so glad you posted this; it's perfect for Ricky.
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egypturnashProfessional Digital Artist
I was seriously broken up by his death. Still am. Did a lengthy, solemn tribute comic and all that.

This made me laugh. It's pretty much perfect. Well done!
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JWBalsleyProfessional General Artist
Beautifully tasteless!
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Art-CalaveraProfessional Digital Artist
It's a little harsh to associate the worst nihilism of 1930 NT with Ricky's life an passing. Even if that's what he wanted to exteriorize, we got to remember that there was a man behind it. A man made of flesh and history. A loving man, a caring man, a wounded man.

But yeah, Kimbo totally deserved that. He was a jerk.
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NemotheDreamerStudent Traditional Artist
I honestly think it is a very fitting tribute to him! Especially when you got his sense of humor spot-on. Excellent comic, and no doubt he's very much missed by many people.
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This clearly evokes his sense of humor. I think he would have liked it
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Tasteless, but funny (and I'm a christian, as if anyone needs to know.)

I'm going to miss Ricky as well. :[ RIP.
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WeirdLilArtistHobbyist Artist
It may be a bit in poor taste, the humor of it, but his comics always were. That's what made him and his comics so great; he never gave a shit if it were tactful. It was just funny.

I'm gonna miss him.
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AmohsProfessional Filmographer
He was so funny like that... I never met him, either, but it felt like so much of himself was being poured into his work.
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