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LOOK!: Fossils which I found and gemstones I own.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 2:55 PM

I have a quite BIG gemstone and mineral collection on one of my shelves
This is an updated version of my collection since I got more minerals few days ago
here it is:…

The fossils on the very front (the black pieces) were actually found by ME when I went fishing with my grandfather. 

Here are some pictures of them so you can see what kind of fossils they are:

On the right is a fossilized seed + some plant stems and on the right is either a fossilized scale or some kind of plant such as cactus -…

Here is a very well preserved fossil of a plant. If you can't tell where it it, look on the right bottom corner. You will see the fancy shaped leaves. -…

A very well preserved fossil of many plants clustered together. My guess is that these plants used to be growing along the river bank or lake and later they ended up being covered with mud due to over flood or something. Over time they turned into a fossil.
I might be wrong though. Here is the picture:…

I have NO idea what that is... Either it is a part of a fossil or a strange rock formation. I have found few pieces such as this but got severely damaged during the transportation. I had quite a lot of trouble with putting it together since I had few 'copies' of this one and finding the right piece was a challenge. Many fossils got so damaged that they are just impossible to put together. I still have the bag full of grain and severely damaged fossils. But yeah.. If anyone knows what that is please tell me. I would be very much grateful if you did help me out identifying this one for me:…

This fossil is a quite interesting one! At first I thought that it was a rock formation as well but when I looked closely I noticed many grains of fossilized wood. My guess is that this is a part of big plant which ended up fossilized. I could not find any more pieces similar to this one on the site. 
Here is the pic:…

Speaking of bigger fossil pieces, I did find a HUGE one! It was so big that it would not fit a typical shopping bag. It had many fossilized plants on it. I really wanted to get it but it was too heavy and too big.. I tried breaking a piece but it was no use. The rock was WAY TOO HARD. It may be a fossilized mud which can be easily broken since its very layered but that piece was just invincible Dx. I had to leave it behind..... I did take a picture but I forgot to upload it. It is now forever lost since it was on my laptop before it was sent away to fix it. As you all know, my original hard drive was confiscated. don't ask.

All these fossils were found in Poland (south).
There was a huge hill full full of coal, fossilized mud and other types of rock. It was all dumped at a lake shore which me and my grandfather stayed at when we went fishing. Me as usual was bored, decided to explore and look around the hill full of treasure XD I found all this in one day and the fossils displayed on my shelf are just the best pieces of all. Most of them are  severely damaged and are now impossible to stick together.. its nothing but grain, sand and broken down pieces, big and small.....

That is all folks!
I hope you all enjoyed looking at these pictures! I will make a video slide show of my minerals soon so you can take a closer look at them all :D

see you!

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Jagroar Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014   Traditional Artist
I thought you've shown me before but these may not be the ones I saw. Did you get all those detailed information all by your own reserches or by instructions from museum staff? Either way it's awesome. The last two photos look somewhat a bit artificial to me, may be of some debris from very ancient architectures or I can't be sure. First pictures do look fossilised stuff and beautiful.
AwesomeEchosong Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ur Ma Gurd I love rocks Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2]  such a magestic collection! Awesome fossils you got, the only one I have is one I got at a smart kid event at a museum, an orthoceras, and its all polished and nice, and I have rocks from various places from the US and a few minerals, and this awesome part of an amethyst geode  ^u^
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