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Muse by Jehoshua Muse :iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 1 0
A Cynical Country Boy
I've spent many nights;
Taking slow draws from my pipe.
Wandering the Nebraskan countryside.
I look to the sky to see it fade to an unnatural purple.
The city lights' to blame.
My nostalgic mind throws out a lyric;
"Where has the starlight gone?"
Neither the wind nor the soft sounds of the neighborhood geese-
Can lull me out of this...
I miss the old days.
When I could just write.
Now, it comes out like molasses.
Or, more like the pipe-juice stuck in my stem.
Fire and ash do nothing for me.
I've already labeled my smoke as useless.
No, not even the sweet burn of my tobacco can give me motivation.
My dear muse has left me.
Now I pace, making my own brand of crop-circles.
Waiting for that cougar called Life;
To come, and tear my mind asunder.
Now that I think about it;
Perhaps it already has.
My individuality means nothing.
Most avoid my conversation.
Isolation; my only companion.
What is wrong with me!?
Who am I!?
I am...
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 2
Black lines of sorrow stain that face.
Your grin that held such ferocity is gone.
Tell me, why you must give chase;
When the race is already won?
Camouflage can't hide you.
The eyes that gleam like the sun;
Stare back at me; a sign this is true.
Show me our war is done.
I wish you could speak to me.
Chirps won't do it justice.
I'm only a man, can't you see?
Talking and understanding divides us.
And if I set you free…
Will I gain your trust?
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 1 1
Mia Guida
Singore Alighieri; speak to me.
Tell me your words of faith.
Inspire me the way you used to.
So that I may do the same for others.
Help me to fulfill that Golden Rule.
Link your pen to mine.
Guide me as Virgil did for you.
Canto and stanza one best describe me.
Save me from these hungry beasts
Take me to the ninth circle.
So I can laugh at his Judas-eating face.
If I cower, empower me.
Two poets on this astral journey cannot be stopped
Mia Guida
Lead me to Paradisio.
Only seven words away.
In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 0
A Roar and a Whisper
These dreams, thoughts, and ideas
storm, surround, and overwhelm me.
Calling out to me
"Author! Creator!"
"Why do you hesitate to put us on the page?"
My answer; a lion's roar seems only a whisper in my mind.
"I am afraid of the consequences reality will bring!"
"Blocks; the walls that separate you from me."
Still they continue their pleading.
"Release us, write us, bring us to life!"
I push them back as far as I can.
The deep recesses of my mind I naively believe will hold.
They leak out like this very ink.
Crawling right through my teeth as I lash out in speech and song..
Relieved, they reach towards the ears of the audience.
The cycle begins again...
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 2
Mature content
Rhyme-Reason :iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 2
Collapse Into The Circle
     Water- 35 liters, carbon- 20 kiloliters, ammonia- 4 liters, lime – 1.5 kiloliters, phosphorus – 800 grams, salt- 250 grams, saltpeter- 100 grams, sulfur- 80 grams, fluorine – 7.5 grams, iron – 5 grams, silicon- 3 grams, and fifteen trace amounts of other elements. All of these can be bought in a basic chemistry set on a child's salary. This is the chemical make-up of the human body. I've always wanted a brother.
     My name is Jargis, I'm eleven-years-old, and I live with my mother, Kamael, in rural Lithuania. My father, whose name I do not know, left us when I was younger. My mother tells me that my father was an amazing chemist, and that he left our home to travel and study the world. I kept silent about this for awhile before I found out that my father had left his books and most of his research here at home. I've studied chemistry for a number of years, since I was six. During the last 10 months or so I've
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 2 2
Once Upon a Time In Heaven
You always say "It's so wonderful!"
I see it as a deep-space rabbit hole.
The man you say you'll see there,
to me is just the White Rabbit or the March Hare.
In the end I'll take your hand.
As we go home to Wonderland.
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 1 2
Mature content
7th Card :iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 3
Hi no Mori
Bright angel.
Why do you tempt me?
Your passion.
Your words.
Consume me.
I embrace you.
With my own passionate words.
As your sakura wings burn,
the smoke forms a stunning aura.
That reminds me why I created it at all.
You smolder into ashes.
I embrace you once more.
Softly, I whisper.
"Ore no ai, Ore wa jigoku deanatani ai masu."
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 1 2
Black Velvet
Wrap yourself in shadows.
Take a second to caress the darkness.
Let the sleek ebony flow.
Come into the abyss.
Its nice and warm (cold.)
Hear the onyx orchestra.
Drown your soul in it.
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 4
A, The Beginning
A rising cloud of darkness over this white, white place.
Aims to choke the purity out of you.
Artistic views of this thing are full of Pandora's Box's contents.
All is lost to this outlook.
A shivering white light is finally blotted out.
Apathy is in full control.
Aloofness is all around.
Archetypes are adjourning.
An Apocalypse begins.
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 3
I Don't Know, All I Know
I dont know why the visions still come to me, of your crying face.
I dont know why He just didnt take me, dying in your place.
I dont know why it happened, you went away too fast.
All I know is, I am Present.
Youll remain the Past.
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 0
The End
Blood boils.
Eyes shine bright.
Deep in soil.
No hope of light.
Wood rots.
Flowers decay.
Time stops.
There you'll stay.
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 1
The Corn 9:10 coons prefer by Jehoshua The Corn 9:10 coons prefer :iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 6 5
A Reaper's Oath
When people die my scythe will fly to the East, South, North, and West.
When people die I will come by to put them to eternal rest.
:iconjehoshua:Jehoshua 0 2


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Hi, eveyone! Happy to see me!? I know, I know, it's been awhile, but I'm in college and have a job now. I get busy! :P Anyway, I might have some more new stuff up coming up for you guys, but who knows. Hope to hear some good stuff from you all.


Jehoshua's Profile Picture
Joshua Schmidt
United States
Current Residence: Wayne State College!
Favourite genre of music: Christian Alternative Metal
Favourite photographer: Dan Harriger
Favourite style of art: poetry
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: itouch. Yeah, I finally got one. -_-;
Shell of choice: oyster
Wallpaper of choice: Everything the light touches.
Skin of choice: epidermis
Favourite cartoon character: Simba
Personal Quote: "I am not tempting fate, I am simply making a statement."


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