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ABC's Poem
A is for airplane, they fly overhead
A is for apple, it's round and it's red
A is for abbot, the bishop of the church
A is for angel, a cloud it's her perch
A is for Adam,Abel,and all
B is for bath, in a tub or a sink
B is for bottle, to give baby a drink
B is for birds, they live in a cage
B is for book, can you read this page
B is for boy,boat,ball,and best
C is for chair, when you want to rest
C is for card, the aces are the best
C is for cattle, that beef on the hoof
C is for cats, their up on a roof
C is for cups,chickens,and coops
D is for Dad, who works hard all day
D is for danger, a sign to obey
D is for damp, when you're a little wet
D is for dogs, the world's favorite pet
D is for dinner,ditch,ducks,and doors
E is for elephant, he lives in the zoo
E is for enter, which means go into
E is for excellence, when you win the prize
E is for elevate, a word that means raise
E is for eat,Easter,and ever
F is for fiddle, it's called violin
F is for first, a prize you can win
F is for
:iconjeh517:jeh517 2 12
SCAS 3 Episode 1 Part 1
*Our story open in the deepness of outer space, where a small spaceship is being presues by a much later spaceship towing a 4 billion ton asteroid.*
*As the small ship races to knows where, the scene changes to the ships main control room where a red or crimson monster demon who looks like is made of all sorts of fearous animals his name is Fury*
Fury: Lucky shot, Keeper. Get those weapon systems back online before Sledge gets here! Wrench, what's taking so long? Get those lasers fixed NOW!
*Wrench is a blue or navy despair looking demon made of teardrops and had a sad feature on face looking over the short circuit wires*
Wrench: I'm trying! There's ten million gigabolts going through this! It's gonna blow up the whole ship! I can't be too careful!
*The doors ton the control slide open with steam coming out and in walked in Sledge the master of the ship. Sledge was a monster made of 7 different kinds of earth's hardest metal. He growls as he walks over to Wrench*
Sledge: Wretch! You pa
:iconjeh517:jeh517 5 6


Lord Zedd: Ah! After 25,000 years I finally escape from my ice cap prison. It's time that we shall conquer The Earth.

Barza: Peebo, Lord Zedd has escape. My magic scepter will bring forth from the past,the present,and the future brave warriors to end his territory.

All-Stars, All-Stars Fantastic warriors its your time to save the world
All-Stars, All-Stars You give hope for those around the world
Cartoon Squad All-Stars

Do you hear that rumbling coming from afar?
Those massive feet pounding shaking the that earth you stand on?
The great beasts are coming from the past for you
Bring your ancient fantasy into our modern world!

All-Stars, All-Stars Undying warriors you’ll live forever
All-Stars, All-Stars We’ll always be here with you!
Cartoon Squad All-Stars
Open the door to reveal mesmerizing worlds of unforgettable cartoons moments and grand illusions with Toons Live! Bert's Doorway to Magic. Join Bert Raccoon,Ralph Raccoon,Melissa Raccoon and the rest of the Raccoon gang Scaheffer,Broo,Cedric Sneer,Sophia Tutu,Bentley Raccoon,and Lisa Raccoon as 272 of your favorite cartoon characters surprise and captivate at every turn of the knob! See Clandestino plotting something that will destroy Bluffoonia's using computers;watch as Peter,Ray,Egon,and Winston team up with Jake,Eddie,and Tracy as Prime Evil and his ghosts invade New York City; and the spectacular performance as Tai,Matt,Sora,Joe,Mimi,Izzy,TK,and Kari going on a camping trip together on August 1, even if the others were a bit busy. The planned camping trip pushes through, but Mimi suddenly forgets the camping equipment, and things go wrong pretty fast. But then, Tai remembers that this is exactly like their first camping trip together… to the Digital World. But as they go about their camping trip, the camping grounds slowly reveal its hidden secrets and Devimon,Etemon,Myotismon,and The Dark Masters have return to seek their revenge. With special appearances by Bert Worm and Crystal Crawler,Alf,Hogarth and The Iron Giant,and many more of your favorite characters like you never know what to expect or who might join in the fun. In Toons Live! Bert's Doorway to Magic you hold the ultimate key to unlocking your imagination.
Oh, this is a story 'bout a guy named Brian
And he lived in a suburb with his animal roommates
But the landlord really didn't approve
So he packed up his stuff and had to move
To a city in Utah where he lived on hill
And he worked in a shoelace factory
And he played on the company poker team
And every single night he had a strange recurring dream
Where he was flying in balloon over looking Disneyland
But that's really not important to his story

Well, the very next year he met a grocery clerk
With a ruby bracelet on her wrist (on her wrist)
But he didn't keep in touch
And he lost her number
Then he got himself a job on a hot dog ranch
And he spent his life-savings on a mansion cave
200,000 miles above the surface of the Moon (of the Moon)
And he really knows where to get the best BLT sandwiches
For what it's worth

Then one day Brian was on the beach trying to get a tan
When he heard the tortured screaming of a funny little man
He was meal for a shark and Brian battle the fish
And the guy that he rescued was grateful as could be
And it turns out he's a big-shot director on TV
So he gives Brian a contract and whaddya know
Now he's got his very own Brian show



Brian Harrison
United States


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