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Spring update

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I'd like to say that Spring is in the air, but it's supposed to snow here again today and tomorrow...

I took some time to build a new art website for me at It's got lots of art, lots about me, and even a ridiculous blog about my life. Check it out!


** I am currently available for commissions. Send me a note to inquire. **
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Well, the summer went by much too fast for my tastes, but lots of fun was had! The kids are back in school, and for the first time ever, now that the youngest is in 1st grade, the house is quiet for over 6 hours during the day. That means Dad can focus much better and hopefully stay on top of design work AND have more time for personal art projects! What does that mean? Hopefully it means more frequent updates and more art for you to see! Stay tuned...

**If you like any of what you see here, I am always available for personal commissions**
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Well that's that! I've finished putting away my Solstice Pole and other Longest Day decorations and now I'm ready to enjoy the summer. Since the magic web of the Internet covers the entire world, if you happen to be reading this from the Southern Hemisphere, I'm sorry that winter has arrived. Here, the kids are out of school, the neighborhood pool is open, and it's already hot! I had a wonderful birthday and Father's Day in the last couple weeks, but I'd like to register a formal complaint about Father's Day, if I could.

I'm of the opinion that Father's Day in the United States needs to be moved to the second or third week in September. First of all, as it stands, Father's Day is just a little too close to Mother's Day -- so close, in fact, that it feels almost like an afterthought (which in undoubtedly was in the first place). Secondly, Mother's Day falls within the school year, and all of my kids are required to create school projects for Mom. As a result, I barely get any terribly awesome hand-crafted Father's Day memories from my wonderful kids. My final reason can be expressed in just one word: FOOTBALL. Nothing sounds better to me than sitting on the couch with an ice cold Mexican Coke (or substitute your favorite beverage) watching my team play some good old-fashioned American Football on Father's Day. Dad's, do you hear what I'm saying? Lets organize and get this holiday moved!

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I've started putting my scans for the Marvel Greatest Heroes set from Rittenhouse Archives here on DA. Look for the rest to trickle in over the next few days. My computer managed to overwrite one of my scans, so there are four cards with no scans, a Wasp, a Thor, a Black Knight, and my only Nova card. Hopefully Rittenhouse will send me those scans so I'll be able to post those as well. I had a lot of fun working on this set, and for the first time paced myself well so I didn't have to rush anything at the end.

Just a minor change in subject, but I just finished watching some Max and Ruby cartoons with my youngest daughter, and I have a very serious question. Where on earth are those little bunnies' parents? Ruby is maybe 8 or 9, and Max is young enough that his vocabulary consists of around 20 words, yet it seems like they're left to fend for themselves everyday, and only once in a while Grandma stops by. Sure it could be argued that Mom and Dad aren't important to the stories, but then why use Grandma? Mom or Dad could easily fill the shoes of Grandma in every episode she appears it, so it's definitely a conscious choice to exclude their parents. Why? What the hell?!

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Art Sale!

1 min read
It's time for a little Pre-Spring Cleaning in my studio, and that means I'm slashing prices on some aging originals. To streamline the process, I've created a new folder in my Gallery called "Originals for Sale". If you see anything in there that interests you, send me a note and I will give you a quote -- around 50% off what I originally priced these pieces at when at conventions.

Be on the lookout for some new upcoming art from me next month as well. I just finished working on the Marvel Greatest Heroes sketch card set from Rittenhouse, with a release date of March 14th, 2012. As soon as I have approval to do so, I will post all of my cards for your enjoyment. Also, keep in mind that I will have a few Artist Proof cards from that set, so let me know if you're interested in reserving one of them.

Finally, if you're interested in commissioning work from me, just let me know what you're looking for and we can discuss details. A happy upcoming Valentine's Day to all, and I will update soon with new art!

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