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Twisted Princess: Wendy

I know it's been awhile but I finally finished my Twisted Wendy!!!!!! I started it the same day I posted my Maid Marian but due to all kinds of work and projects I had on my plate as well as all the tweaking and reworking I did to Wendy, I’m just now finishing her! I hope you guys like her! I say this after each new princess but I think she's my new favorite haha. I may just have to go back someday and redo a couple of my old ones ;).

Story: After Captain Hook captured Wendy, her brothers, and the Lost Boys he took them to his ship but not before leaving a present for Peter with a note from Wendy telling him not to open it until 6 o'clock. Unbeknownst to Peter, a bomb was inside the present set to go off at the designated time. Hook revealed his plan to Wendy and the boys, which Tinker Bell happened to overhear. She raced to his rescue. Hook waited eagerly for his watch to reach 6, all the while Wendy yelled at him and exclaiming that Peter will save them. Hook walked over to Wendy, raised his hook holding the watch to her face and said "I don't think so." He slowly caressed her cheek with his hook but Wendy spit in his face causing Hook to cut her. Hook reeled. "Just for that, you ALL die at 6...starting with the girl!" Hook turned his back to Wendy and looked down at his watch and a grin grew across his face as the minute hand finally reached 6. An explosion rang out from the shore and Hook jumped for joy. He turned around to Wendy and said in a calm voice "Throw her overboard." The pirates grabbed Wendy and bound her. They shoved her on to the plank while one of the pirates put a sword to her back and began to coax her off but then Hook yelled, "Wait!" He walked up to her and tied another rope around her, leaned in close and whispered in her ear "Hold your breath." Suddenly he kicked an anchor to the left of Wendy into the water. She looked down and realized that the rope connected to the anchor was also connected to her. John and Michael let out a scream of horror as their sister was dragged overboard into the dark water. Wendy plummeted down to the ocean floor. She struggled to free herself but it was all for not. She looked up and all she saw was the shadow of Hook’s ship and then darkness. Back on the deck Hook turned to the boys, removed his cutlass and said "Now, your turn." As he approached the boys, a green blur knocked Hook down and went into the water after Wendy. "Noooooooooo!" Hook exclaimed as he stood up. He looked at the blank-eyed pirates surrounding him. "Don't sit there gawkin' at me, you fools!!! Fire on Pan!" The pirates scurried off and began to man cannons around the ship and aim them into the water. Peter flew as fast as he could to get to Wendy as cannonball fire filled the water. He found her floating on the ocean floor tied to the anchor. He took out his knife to try and cut her free but the ropes were too thick. He looked around frantically and had an idea. He placed his hand on the anchor, closed his eyes, and suddenly it started to glow. The anchor began to rise. Peter swam back to Wendy and put his hand on her cheek and kissed her gently on her lips. Wendy’s eyes opened but the life they once held were gone. As the anchor went up, it pulled Wendy away from him and he was too weak to hold on and too weak to swim. He had no more happy thoughts left for himself. Peter looked up and then he too saw only darkness. Hook peered over the side of the ship and instructed the pirates to ceasefire. Suddenly, an anchor came shooting out of the water and crashed on the deck in front of Hook. He looked around it to see Wendy staring at him with her lifeless eyes. He drew his sword again as Wendy lifted the glowing anchor and charged….
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Hook actaully killing people? Well not surprised really since he killed mermaids like Queen Athena before so he can be very cruel too

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I want to buy a print! How!!??
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Think this is my favorite. Not my favorite character but the layout and pose are great.

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"A word of warning; woe be unto all grown men and women who come to Neverland to sail its sea with pillage and plunder in mind - for the Drowned Lass and her Lost Boys are sure to visit your ship at 6 o'clock during the darkest nights when the sun does early set."

~ some aged ex-pirate, long after Peter and Hook have been forgotten; in a time where fairies no longer fly.

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Imagine Wendy returning back to London...
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Poor Peter, and Wendy
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Dead Wendy Darling the captain of the Flying Dutchman and her crew of lost boys souls
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Well, it seems pretty obvious that Wendy won here. She's the hero of her story. I love how you left the story open in the ending. It leaves those with an open mind to imagine how the story would end. 
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This art makes me look differently
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I have to keep reminding myself that Wendy is like 13 every time I see this image.
This is really really amazing.
YES!! I've been waiting for Wendy ever since I learned of your awesome existence back in 2013. I was literally named for Wendy from "Peter Pan", so I LOVE LOVE LOVE this like you don't even know. THANK YOU!! 
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Wait...... I'm confused, did Hook kill her brothers too?..... or are the shadows just random?.....

This is really messed up Markiplier Shocked - The Whisper Challenge #5  (Hook acting like a real pirate, jeez.... who knew :D)
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He did kill mermaids like queen athena and all so he isn't as funny as he seesm all the time

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Wendy's not a princess
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she still counts though
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*Whendyd* she became like that!!!Heeeheegh 
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This one is my favorite of all your twosted disney proncesses, for one reason only amd that is Wendy's stone cold glare and tear-stained cheeks.
The entire series is amazing and I hope you'll continue to find inspiration to manipulate all of our favorite princesses.
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Twisted yes, Princess no.
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Are you planning on doing any of the Don Bluth or Dreamworks characters?
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Sword vs Anchor, wonder what will happen?

Here lies James Hook, who tangled with forces he clearly didn't understand. If anyone finds the rest of his head please dig him up again and pour in the shards
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