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Twisted Princess: Tiana



Finally!!!!! After many months of jumping back and forth between other princesses, I finally buckled down and decided to finish one of them. I give you the Voodoo Princess of the Bayou, Tiana! I hope you guys like her :)

The story: After the shadows captured Naveen and returned him to Facilier, Facilier didn't want to take anymore chances of losing him again so during the Mardi Gras parade he asks his friends on the other side to remove Naveen's soul and place it in his talisman. With a soul as it's fuel, the talisman no longer needed to be constantly filled with Naveen's blood but doing so meant certain death for Naveen. Ray saw this horrible act with his own eyes but knew that there might be hope to save Naveen if they got the talisman to Mama Odie. Ray swiftly stole the talisman from Facilier and flew as fast as he could to Tiana who had run away to the graveyard, having thought that Naveen was marrying Charlotte. Ray finally reached her but wasn't fast enough to out run the shadows. Tiana tried to help Ray but the shadows overpowered them both. During all of the confusion and scrambling, Tiana managed to get a hold of the talisman. Ray tried to tell her that it contained Naveen's soul, but he was killed by the shadows before he could. Facilier walked out from amongst the shadows and approached Tiana. He offered her her restaurant if she gave him the talisman back. Tiana refused and threw the talisman on the ground, smashing it, unaware of its contents. Facilier cringed as Naveen's soul escaped the talisman and began to circle Tiana and eventually went in to her. Tiana dropped to ground. The shadows began to circle Facilier preparing to pounce but then stopped. They began to slither towards Tiana and surround her. Tiana regained consciousness just as the shadows went into her body and let out a blood curdling scream. Facilier stepped back as her body began to change and mutate. It appeared as if she was returning to normal but her human features still retained an amphibian-esque quality to them. She stood up and looked at Facilier. The shadows in her body could be seen wriggling around under her skin. "You!" she said as she pointed at Facilier. "You killed him!" Facilier backed up. "I don't know what you're talking about." he said hesitantly. "Naveen's soul told me what you did, and you will pay!" she said as she started to walk towards Facilier. He backed up against a grave and once again tried pleading with her. She raised her hand to Facilier "There is no future for you." Suddenly, a group of shadows burst from Tiana and rushed towards him....

And that's my story. And just in case you were wondering, Tiana actually uses the shadows in her body to possess Louis. I just thought that would be cool haha.
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god dam this is good. all these dark princesses are great