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Twisted Princess: Rapunzel


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody!!! As promised, I present you with my new Twisted Princess, Rapunzel!!! Finally!!! After seeing the movie, I had to put my other princesses on hold since I was way too excited to do this one. I hope you all like her. She's my new favorite!

Story: When Rapunzel and Flynn return to the shore after seeing the lanterns, Flynn leaves to go give the crown back to the Stabbington Brothers so he can spend the rest of his life with Rapunzel. Unfortunately, Mother Gothel and the Stabbington Brothers had a different plan. They tie Flynn to a boat with the crown and set him out on the river in direction of the kingdom, knowing that the guards would have him executed upon finding him. The Brothers then approach Rapunzel and inform her that Flynn left with the crown and was only using her. Rapunzel sees Flynn sailing off with the crown and becomes incredibly heartbroken. While in her fragile emotional state, the Stabbington Brothers capture her and take her to Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel had convinced the twins to accompany them and in return promised them riches greater than that of Rapunzel's hair or a crown. Upon returning to the tower, Mother Gothel attempts to console Rapunzel. She asks Rapunzel to sing her hair incantation under the guise of making her feel better. As she sings, Mother Gothel informs her that what she did was for the best. And that Flynn the thief deserved his fate. This caused Rapunzel to realize that it was her mother who was behind Flynn's "sudden change of heart". Rapunzel became filled with rage and anger and suddenly, Mother Gothel began to scream. Rapunzel's hair began to suck the life from Mother Gothel's body. "You did it!" Rapunzel screamed. Mother Gothel pleaded with Rapunzel but she was too consumed by hatred for her "mother" who was responsible for disposing of her true love. Mother Gothel's body aged quickly and then turned to dust in the curls of Rapunzel's hair. The twins witnessed this and retrieved their weapons to kill Rapunzel, but it was too late. Her hair wrapped around one of them and drained the life from him. The other twin escaped the tower and ran for his life. Rapunzel pursued him in hopes of getting revenge. The remaining twin upon escaping, began to inform other thugs and ruffians of the girl with the long golden hair that can give and take life as a means of putting bodies between him and Rapunzel. However, Rapunzel could not be deterred from her revenge and the last Stabbington suffered the same fate as his brother. Anybody that got in her way suffered as she had suffered. She retained the scars of her conflicts as a reminder of her pain and as a warning to others. All who sought her hair would pay. Unbeknownst to Rapunzel, Flynn escaped his fate and returned to the tower only to find the remains of one of the Twins and Mother Gothel’s cloak. Flynn searched the kingdom for her unaware that she has been consumed by her rage and heartbreak. Will Flynn be able to find Rapunzel and save her from being consumed by the dark…or worse…dun dun dun.
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My favorite Twisted Princess!