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Twisted Princess: Pocahontas

Here's my latest Twisted Princess! This is what Pocahontas would become if John Smith was killed by Governor Ratcliffe. In a fit of rage , she kills the Governor to avenge John, but she isn't satisfied. So she goes on a killing spree, ending the life of any and all settlers but it doesn't fix her broken heart. I really like this picture. These are definitely getting a lot darker. Hope you guys like.

Oh yeah, I should probably explain why I gave her armor. Well, in the movie when the settlers are gearing up to fight Pocahontas's tribe, Governor Ratcliffe actually puts on a full suit of black armor. In my version, after Pocahontas kills the Governor she takes his yeah...I'm still up in the air on it but it looks cool.

...also, I thought I would mention that Pocahontas used Flit the hummingbird's feathers to decorate her spear and belt. It's kind of hard to tell with the lighting.
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This is dope!!!!!!!!!!!

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wooooooo ¿jamas dibujaste a lilo y stitsh?

We should also make John Come back in a twisted way.

this is why i told you not to shoot john stupid rattclife!Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon

"I can murder if I please 'cause I'm dying of disease!!!

I can paint. With the red colors. In these. Men."

If you get this, good for you.

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This just reached 1M views!! :D
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That's too awesome!

Pocahontas will show that she is not the peacefully native american that the Governor thought, she is a badass warrior who will avenge her loved man and kill the enemies with their own armor!
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F**king Twisted Princess....
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so she went Germanic
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She looks like a Roman dispiction of how the Germanic peoples where. It had some truth in it like they had an head hunter culture where they would keep the heads of their enamies and skulls played alittle bit into their Religion. Baseicly she looks like she is ready to stab some romans to death 
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Cool stuff :P U a history buff?
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Remind Me of Pinkamena from Cupcakes MLP
This is gonna be my next tattoo
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I think scalps would fit better than skulls. More culturally adequate.
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WHOA! Now she really is savage.

It's from princess of peace to Queen if war, huh?
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Omg is that raccoon rabid?
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what happened to flint?
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I don't want to sound racist or anything but she totally turned into a complete savage. :fear:

She didn't eat those she killed, did she? If she did, that's not good, she'll unleash the spirits of the Wendigos. :fear:

Coincidentally, story of the Wendigos is found among Algonquin-speaking Native Americans including those living on the East Coast like Pocahontas' people.
In short version, once a person perform cannibalism; eating another person, they turn into a monstrous flesh-eating Wendigo.

I'll admit, I learned that from "Until Dawn."
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