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Twisted Princess: Nala

Here's my latest Princess, Nala. I hope you guys like it. I really like this picture a lot because it's so much different than my other princesses. And I like how hardcore Timon and Pumbaa look.

Story: Upon returning to Pride Rock, Simba confronts Scar in order to regain his kingdom. The fight between Scar and Simba takes a turn for the worse. Nala notices that Simba is in trouble and leaves the hyenas to the other lionesses. She rushes to the top of Pride Rock just in time to see Scar land the finishing blow to Simba. In a fit of rage, Nala attacks Scar viciously, ultimately throwing him off the edge of Pride Rock, avenging Simba's death. However, the hyenas have overwhelmed the other lionesses, leaving Nala as the only surviving lion in the Pride Lands. The hyenas see their chance to finally rid the land of the lions once and for all and begin to pursue Nala without hesitation. With the help of Timon and Pumbaa, the injured Nala makes her escape. The three of them continue to fight the hyenas at every chance they get in order to win back the Pride Lands while preserving the beliefs of Mufasa and Simba.

So yeah, I guess that's a believable twist to the story.
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This is a twisted we have never seen at all why did Disney cut this stuff out

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Daaaang I’m scared of that picture.

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I love Nala, but my absolute favourite thing about this is little battle-crazed Timon and Pumbaa. Look at them, they're ready to fucking murder lmao

(And I suppose this means Rafiki and Zazu didn't make it out alive either?)
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Yes Timon’s cold look is so scary and beautiful
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You probably already took this into consideration, but, do you think there's a chance you might do a "Twisted Princess: Kiara" perhaps with Kion and/or the Lion Gaurd helping her?

Just some food for thought, your choice really.
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Hehe. Really dig that expression of her's, especially those eyes.
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Oh. Well ok then.
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I think this is what it would be like if Simba lost and Scar won and still remains king of the pride lands with Simba now dead.
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This is awesome... but how about Shenzi? As leader of her pack, isn't she kind of royalty too? Okay, she's already a bit twisted... but I sure would like to see her even nastier than usual, accompanied by her most loyal followers, Banzai and Ed.
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She looks really mad at simba because he cheated on herwwith another lioness
i will not be on her bad side
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Lions do that all the time, a male lion has access to all females of the pride
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Timon's gonna fucking strangle a bitch Jesus christ
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Timon looks like he's bout to fuck someone up O_O
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Ayyyyy, that's pretty good Eyyy, thats pretty good! 
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