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Twisted Princess: Mulan
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Published: June 12, 2009
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Here's my latest princess. She's my new favorite. I hope you guys like her.

The story behind her design is the Huns destroy Mulan's village, killing everyone...including her. Her ancestors send Mushu to retrieve the spirits of their fallen family. Upon collecting Mulan's spirit, she begs Mushu to restore her spirit to her body so she can defeat the Huns and avenge the death of her family. Mushu does so, but in order to bring her back to life, he must fuse his body with hers. When he does, he becomes a living tatoo on her body, his appearance altered by Mulan's rage and hatred for the Huns.

So Mulan is essentially a zombie fueled by revenge hahaha.
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JgalDragonborn|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So basically she’s a revenant.
in Irish mythology revenants are bloodthirsty zombies fueled by the desire for revenge.
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Mushu: Let's go kick some Hunnie Buns!
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This looks awesome :D
and would be a nice cosplay :3
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Anyone else come here just to see badass mushu?
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So... you turned Mulan into Jason Voorhees. Nice XD
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Dragon version of; 
"The Crow"
-we love and miss you Brandon T_T
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Gone too soon, just like his father.
May he have found peace in the lands beyond, whatever and wherever they are.
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Looks awesome 
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KatieDunbroch|Hobbyist Digital Artist
😍love it 😍
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a sence a bit of Yakuza in those tatoos
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HeroicVeemon|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of the 3,000 comments, I'm sure someone else also thought of... JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Mushu's her Stand! XD jk
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pimk44399|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You even made the freakin' bug look creepy! You my good sir are amazing
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Ms-ShadowCrimson|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonder this a versus of mulan and hisako *w*
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now that would have been a much better sequel
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I really love the design of her and thoughtful story behind it. 
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Wow, nice story and design!
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Tluaengiad|Professional Traditional Artist
 I believe the Chinese refer to this as a "hungry ghost" meaning hungry for vengeance.
Very cool :)
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BritneyMorgan|Professional General Artist
OMC! I faved all these on IMGfave! It's so cool to have finally found you on dA!
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Her tattoo turns into a living dragon when she calls it --- AWESOME :D 
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(If I had to fight this version of Mulan,or any person/creature of a similar nature)

So... much... nope... Nostalgia Critic Nope hide 
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