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Twisted Princess: Megara

FINALLY!!!!! I finished Meg! Sorry to keep everyone waiting but here she is in all of her glory! I really hope you guys like her.

OK, so the story behind my design for Meg is Hercules didn't make it to her soul in time and died trying to save her. Hercules's death fulfilled Meg's contract with Hades and so Hades restored her soul to her body and freed her. Meg was shattered at the loss of her true love and would do anything to get him back (which I know got her into her initial dealings with Hades to begin with :P). But she knew Hercules was different and that he would be true to her no matter what. The Fates saw the situation that Meg was in and offered her a deal. If Meg agreed to become the Keeper of the Eye, then they would restore life to Hercules. Meg accepted without hesitation. The eye of fate was then sewn into her head and she became their slave. Almost immediately, life was restored to Hercules. However, he came back as an animated corpse without a soul. But even without a soul, his undying love for Meg still shined through his undead shell and he remained by her side for eternity. The Fates did tell Meg that there WAS a way to restore his soul, but the only person that could do it was Hades....

Dun dun dun, I wonder what she'll do to get Hercules's soul back from Hades...CLIFFHANGER! hahaha
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She’s got the eye. If he wants to know the future, he’ll have to give put the soul.

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New creepy couple to rule the underworld

Persephone Shmephone!

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‘Love is not an emotion. It is a promise.’
the Doctor
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A twisted fate far worse than death...
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That's twisted and amazing!
I adore already this story!

And if we think about it, this was Hades's deal: his live for Megan's life.
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easiest solution? she should have gone to Persephone. Persephone is pretty chill.
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If Hades is wise, then I would think he would be careful with how he handled this request. I would think anyone in control of that eye will inherit some of its power which means Meg can see a triumph or a crushing a ways she would be the one to control Hades. She could tell him what he wants to know, but quickly claim that this or that will the end she could probably drive him insane enough that he simply gives in to make it stop.
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This is really amazing! Stellar work :clap:
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Besides the fact that this is quite spooky, it is also kind of nice. But I am curious about her and Herc having the string of life and scissors...does Megara also kind of take the place of being the person who ends a person's life (which I guess means that the Fates can just sit back and bicker amongst themselves)?
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Ok, why the HELL ISN'T MEG A PRINCESS YET?!?!?!?!?! *the sadness* 
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I think the reason was that while Disney princess movies were aimed for girls, Hercules was aimed for boys.

That doesn't explain why Vanellope isn't considered a Disney princess, however.
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Because sadly, this epic movie did not make the bank Disney wanted it to. Same with Hunchback and Tarzan.
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Because Hercules isn't a prince, so if they got married - which I assumed they did - she still wouldn't be a princess, same for Jane and Tarzen. They aren't royalty. I bummed about this to, o_O
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I'll have to disagree with you. Hercules is still the son of Zeus, even though Herc went back to Earth. In my opinion, I think that Hercules still qualifies for a prince. But,sadly,the movie was targeted at boys, not girls. And I think that the Disney merch people would have a hard time making Meg look sparkly,or make her look like she has to much makeup.
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Zues is a God, not a king. So Hercules is not a prince. Not in that Disney movie any way.
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Zues is the King of the Gods, which would make Hercules the Prince of the Gods. However, it was actually not that she didn't qualify as royalty, but that it fell short of the amount of money it had to make for Meg to hold the title of Disney Princess. Even if she hadn't married the Prince of the Gods, she performed an act of heroism, which also could have qualified her. The reason she isn't is that Disney didn't make enough money for that movie.
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Not to mention, in the actual myth, Megara was the Princess of Thebes. 
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People really do crazy things when they're in love.
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Especially with yanderes.
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