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Twisted Princess: Maid Marian

FINALLY!!!!!!! I know it’s been awhile but I finally managed to find enough time to finish my new Twisted Princess, Maid Marian!!!!!! I really hope you guys like her!

Story: Upon hearing that Friar Tuck had been captured and that Prince John planned on hanging him, Robin Hood and Little John set a plan in motion to rescue him as well as the other citizens of Nottingham. All seemed to be going according to plan until Robin Hood was confronted by the Sheriff of Nottingham. An epic sword battle ensued that lead throughout the castle. The Sheriff had Robin cornered but Robin made a quick escape into the moat surrounding the castle. The Sheriff ordered his archers to fire on Robin as he began swimming to shore where Little John and Maid Marian were waiting for him. Maid Marian called out to him and just as she did, an arrow pierced her love’s back. She screamed in horror and began to rush out towards him but was stopped by Little John who shielded her from an onslaught of arrows. Tears filled her eyes as she saw the life leave John’s eyes and his body slumped over in front of her. Her heart sank as her attempts to awaken Little John had failed. As she looked up she could see Robin crawling out of the moat with two arrows in his back. She rushed over to him to help assist him. He looked in her eyes and placed his hand on her cheek and smiled. And as he looked deeply in her eyes he said “I….love…..y—“…but before he could finish, an arrow fired from the castle flew by Marian’s face, scarring her eye and hitting Robin in the chest. She screamed and held him in her arms as a new rage and determination filled her heart. Friar Tuck noticed Marian and rushed to her aid and hurried her away from the shore before another volley of arrows was fired. Maid Marian, heartbroken and alone, vowed to avenge her fallen love. She took up Robin’s bow and sword as they would be the tools of her revenge…and she WILL have her revenge!
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This is a more faithful depiction of her seeing as the Marian in the poems was such a badass.

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The Fanscription story people want to hear from Channel Awesome! Someone suggest this next time a Fanscription video comes round, they need to see this!

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shes a heroic warrior fighting for the little people against the greedy and evil :3

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Maybe before the revenge moment, Skippy, his friends & Little John go on rampage with music named (Libby goes down)

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Almost getting "Lady Stoneheart" vibes from this. When Disney's Robin Hood goes all A Song of Ice and Fur.
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This needs to be a movie!

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Now, That's what I would want to see in a future Robin Hood remake !!

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A fanfic on this would be neat.

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Who killed Robin Hood?
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Sir Galeth Cooper has a worthy opponent now.
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i love this so much ahhhh
What Robin Hood should have been.
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Also good job on the shading.
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Out of all of the "Twisted Disney" pictures you've done, this is my favorite. The main reason is that it feels more grounded than a lot of the others, with Marian's transformation being due to something very much possible within the film itself (Robin's death from being shot in the moat). A lot of the other pictures, though creative, sometimes felt like they were stretching to justify the Princesses becoming darker. By keeping this one more subdued with a simple revenge story (much like the Nala picture), this became the most believable of the bunch. 

I also like the fact you put in Skippy at her side, as it gives an indication of a mentor-student relationship between them without saying it straight out. It makes sense, given how Skippy met Marian during happier times and similarly idolized Robin enough to help him in his fight. I also enjoy how Marian still has her traditional garb, only it's now torn from battle and to allow greater range of movement. Changing her hood from being a sign of her ladyship to a symbol of her scarring and outlaw ways is similarly pretty clever. 

All in all, it's a great demonstration of how to do a dark "What If?" story. 
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After all this time, I finally rediscovered this. I finally can fave this
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Is there a fan fiction of this story anywhere?
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Always loved the Robin Hood movie, and I love what you have done here. The only thing I would hate to be around for is when King Richard comes back from his crusades and see what his brother's rule has done to both his kingdom and his niece and catches Prince John in a dark corner.
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This is badass. I LOVE alternate outcomes to cartoons and movies, especially Disney movies. Maid Marian has always been a favorite of mine.
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I just heard that a new movie called "Marian" is being made.  Current plot for this movie "The story begins after the love of her life, Robin Hood dies. The heroine then picks up the pieces, rising as a legend herself as she leads her village into a pivotal war."  You can read more about this news here…

This movie sounds a lot like what you did here (only yours is the nicer Disney anthropomorphic characters). :)
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Well, I guess it was all lies, Yu-Gi-No!

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