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Twisted Princess: Jasmine

Finally, I got a chance to finish my Jasmine picture. I've been so busy with other stuff and figured that I should take a break to finish this.
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Jasmine dies in the hourglass and Aladdin is crushed by Jafar. In a desperate attempt to somehow make amends to his best friend Genie vows to revive Jasmine despite the rules prohibiting him from doing so. He breaks and fishes her out of the hourglass and Jafar tells him to dispose of the body. Genie takes her to the balcony and emits a powerful bolt of lighting from the depths of space. At first nothing happens and Genie softly cries, leaving her on the balcony. But suddenly Jasmine's eyes shoot open and to Genie's horror she melts into a small pile of sand before retransfiguring herself into the version of her depicted in the drawing. She's undead so her heavily damaged lungs don't interfere with her new state of being. For she doesn't have to breathe. In pure rage and confusion of seeing Aladdin dead she kills Jafar, terrified by her appearance, by suffocation via drowning him in a seemingly endless supply of sand emitting from her hand, placed forcibly over his mouth. Using newfound ifrit/genie magic she transfigures rajah into a monster.

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In my headcanon: Jasmine managed to steal the lamp from Jafar and wishes to pass the sorcerer's magic into her, making him powerless. However, all of that power being taken at once, also twisted Jasmine's heart and made her a violent sorceress. With her magic, Jasmine transforms Jafar into a statue forever (Iago manages to escape) and due to her more aggressive demeanor, she doesn't forgive Aladdin from lying to her and as a last act of goodness, she banishes him to the desert.

Thus on that day, Sorceress Queen Jasmine begins her rule and through her magic, commands beasts and the elements to repel any invaders regardless of how big their armies are. Meanwhile, Aladdin travels the world in search for another lamp containing a genie and free Jasmine from her inner darkness. Can he succeed?

What do you think of my story?

Une de mes préférées depuis longtemps

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Raja's become a literal Saber-tooth Tiger.

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Hourglass figure.

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No story on Jasmine? :(
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What happened to Jasmine QwQ
While under control of Jafar, Jasmine pretends to seduce him. As she kisses him, she begins to suck his soul out through his mouth, killing him. She then becomes a powerful sorceress, with the power to possess anyone she pleases. She makes Raja vicious in order to do her bidding. She also hypnotizes Aladdin, Iago and Genie to be her slaves.

All hail Jasmine
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Guess Carpet was the only one to fight back?

Actually, he does try to fight back, but Rajah tears him to shreds and Jasmine wears him on her wrists and waist

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She became an ifrit, or it was inspired with sand witches from cartoon?
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Oh my. Oh, Alah, where did I go wrong?
- the sultan
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This one and Mulan are my favorite pictures though they're all great. And I love the back stories on how they got like this
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All these girls need backstory, this is too good a concept to let go
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Freaking awesome!!
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She has a white dot on her lip 
Damn it man what is her story?
I love how her friend the tiger is now a saber-toothed tiger and the way she wears the magic carpet around her and she has magic dust/sand seeping from her.  These are awesome. 
Add Frozen princess : elsa, anna on twisted princess please
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