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Twisted Princess: Jane

Finally, I finished my latest Princess picture. I wanted the princess to be a surprise so I figured I'd draw someone that no one mentioned hehe.

The story around this version of Jane is pretty simple. After Jane takes the drawing back from the baby baboon, its entire family begins to chase Jane. However, Tarzan isn't there to grab Jane when she jumps the cliff. She grabs onto the vines on the other side of the cliff wall and the baby baboon jumps on her to take the picture back. The vine breaks, and Jane and the baby baboon fall into the rushing water below which leads to an underground river. Both Jane and the baboon black out. Later, Jane awakes on the bank of a small lake deep in the jungle. The underground river apparently led her to this hidden location. She begins to inspect the area and notices the little baboon. She picks him up begins to trek through the jungle to try and find her father's camp, but in doing so, she becomes hopelessly lost. Only having each other, Jane and the baby baboon must learn to survive in this dangerous place...and they apparently do hehe pretty much she becomes a female Tarzan.
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Given this isn't an ending where the protagonist dies, this means Tarzan is still alive!

I wonder what would happen if him and this Jane were to ever cross paths?

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Damn baby bamboo is like Kong
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Did Tarzan go Great Ape (Oozaru)?? Awesooome!!!
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Yeah . It make sense.
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Id tap dat but I wanna keep my hand
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The fact that she still has her long skirt is really cool nice design man 👏💯🔥
Through-the-movies's avatar
Twisted Queen of the Jungle... with the crown as leopard skin and head.
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Twisted Judy Hopps. I dare you.
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The baboon kinda looks like a Dragonball Oozaru
I actually wrote a story about this and can´t post it
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Jungle Jane! She should have been the one who killed Clayton. lol
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i love the composition for this so much
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Is it me, or does the baboon resemble the Ape-Man from Cheetahmen II?
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Queen of the Jungle
Passin's avatar
Love it. Nice work
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Wonderful image
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Wow, I love the story behind this, and absolutely adore the image. If I credit you consistently, do you think I could use your concept and image for a long term project, where Jane become like this and then MEETS Tarzan?

By credit consistently, I should be more clear.

I would put it up on two sites. and here. In both you'd be mentioned, linked, and this photo would be linked with high praise in every author's note. Additionally, as the concept is of your design, I'd submit chapters to you, before putting them up publicly.
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Jane? As in "The killer" hah! Sorry I had too
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