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Twisted Princess: Cinderella

Finally!!! I've been swamped with so much other stuff I haven't had time to work on Twisted Princess series. Fortunately, I was able to find some time this past weekend to finally finish this one. I've had the unfinished photoshop doc sitting on my computer for sooo long. But here it is, I hope you guys like it. Personally, it's my favorite one so far.
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Cinderella, in a desperate attempt to finally go to the ball, makes a deal with a devil. Little does she know, if she runs out of time, she becomes yet another damned soul for the Fairy God Mother.

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So if Cindy's the scare crow what happened to the prince?
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I'm sure the good folks at Halloween Town would welcome her with open arms.
I've been checking these out in reverse chronological order, and I think this is the most frightening of all of them. @_@ Wow.
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I've seen all your princesses drawings and I gotta say, this one, I think, is the best.
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Looks like she lost her gourd.

Heheh...maybe I should just do this on some other thread.

Okay. I'm sorry. That was the last straw.

Stop Sign Sans Intensifies 

(I'm just gonna crawl in this corner and die, thank you)
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Dark and creepy in a great way...what is her story please tell me 
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I imagine the story as this: To keep the prince's search party from finding her, Lady Tremaine kills Cinderella up in the tower, instead of locking the door. Cinderella's spirit is so distraught, that she never met the prince as her real self, she remains a ghost, her business in the world of the living unfinished. The birds and mice in the tower, having keen animal senses and noticing Cinderella's presence was not altogether gone, use their sewing skills to create her likeness again (or as close as they can get). They also try their best to replicate her fairy godmother-given dress from the last evening she was alive. She thankfully possesses the scarecrow-esque body and sets off to claim the dream she deserved. Only now she's scary as heck.
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cinderella the more cuter version  cause she is a scarecrow! plus i love it!
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This is fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!! QwQ
While Cinderella is crying in the garden over her ruined dress, her stepmother is watching in the bushes instead of being in the carriage with her daughters. She just wanted one little glimpse at Cinderella's misery before she left. When the fairy godmother appeared and worked her magic, the stepmother jumped out of the bushes in a rage and snapped the fairy godmother's wand in half. The magic began to glitch while Cinderella was in the carriage, which became a pumpkin. Cinderella began to see herself morphing. Her skin and hair became straw and cloth, her eyes buttons. Gus became vicious and bloodthirsty, as did the other mice who killed the stepmother. Now Cinderella haunts the chateau she once lived in. 
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i like to imagine she's singing "Sing Sweet Nightingale" in this image
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Neat, but what is the story behind this and the Aurora one?
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That's what I wanna know, jeftoon01! :eager:
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uh how is she a scarecrow
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coraline intensifies
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This one is super cool!!
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hay dont get me wrong, your art is fantastic, but I dont get how her becoming a scarecrow has relevance to the story...i might be missing something obvious cos it has been ages since I read anything close to the original version.
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I think I might have a cool story for this one:

Cinderella was originally a possessed scarecrow, possessed because she died in a fire alongside her mother, thus the name CINDERella. A scarecrow was found at the house she burned in, by her "evil" stepmother, she kept it, because there was a bit for trouble with crows in her garden. The scarecrow was often pecked by birds, and Cinderella often got torn many times, which caused her great pain. She wanted it to stop. Years later, Cinderella was still pecked by birds, many of her tears stitched, but many still remained. She heard about the ball the sisters were going to when they talked outside one day. She wanted to go with them, so she could find a prince-or someone- ANYONE,to take her away from the pain and suffering she felt. A fairy Godmother came to grant her wish, but there was one catch. She had to be back by midnight, not a minute later. She agreed to this, and the fairy godmother turned her human, able to talk, move and breath. She had ocean blue eyes instead of buttons, golden hair instead of straw, and skin instead of fabric and felt. She arrived at the ball in a pumpkin carriage, and danced for hours with the prince. She noticed it was one minute from midnight, and she needed to get home. She quickly ran outside, her glass slippers cracking along the way, puncturing her feet as she screamed in pain, but still kept going. The clock began to toll. She stepped into the carriage, but she was too late. The fairy godmother appeared, and told her "I told you not to be late, now you suffer the consequences!" She waved her wand at Cinderella, and almost within an instant, her skin turned back into felt, her eyes buttons, and her hair, straw. The wounds on her feet didn't pour blood anymore, but straw, what she was filled with as a scarecrow. The pumpkin carriage and animals returned to normal as well, but because Cinderella remained inside the pumpkin,the seeds and insides from in covered her. The crows and rats began to tear at her thin stitching as she screamed in pain. Several guests ran outside, including the stepsisters, to see what the commotion was, only to see the living scarecrow girl, in at loosely stitched dress, being torn apart by small animals. Cinderella then grabbed a glass shard from her slipper and killed the crows and rats tearing away at her, blood slightly staining her. She remained in the pumpkin, one silent crow and rat remaining. She looked over and saw the terrified guests as she dropped the shard, it breaking on the cold, hard ground. The stepsisters remembered the scarecrow from all of the times they played outside, and one of them screamed in sheer horror. Cinderella picked up the remaining rat, looked over to the sisters, slightly giggled, then put a huge, terrifying gin on her fake face. She then said in a twisted, insane voice" "What's the problem? I just wanted to be a real girl..."
I love this story idea so much
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Man, imagine if Cinderella did a deal with her fairy godmother like Ariel did with Ursula. Basically, some kind of agreement, with a penalty/punishment if broken. She, a slave, would receive her one night of magic, her dream come true. But in consequence of being out past midnight, she become less than she ever was, even as a slave.
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