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Twisted Princess: Blue Fairy

YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I finally finished my new Twisted Princess...ummm, though technically she's a twisted fairy...but since she's not a Pixie Hollow fairy, she falls under the Twisted Princess, yeah. Here's my new Twisted Princess, the Blue Fairy! Nobody saw that coming haha!

One day Gepetto made a puppet named Pinocchio who he loved very much. He wanted nothing more than Pinocchio to be a real boy so he could have the son he always wanted. One night Gepetto wished upon a star that Pinocchio would become a real boy. An old blue fairy appeared to him and told Gepetto that he had to give his heart fully to Pinocchio, which he happily agreed to. And with that wish, Pinocchio was brought to life. He ran to Gepetto as the old toy maker opened his arms to embrace his new son. Gepetto lifted Pinocchio up in the air and gave him a heart warming hug. They were both filled to the brim with joy to have each other. As Pinocchio looked up at his new father, his smile faded as a phantom force washed over him. He began to shudder and as Gepetto was about to ask what was wrong, Pinocchio's eyes glazed over, and without warning he began clawing and gnawing at Gepetto's chest. Gepetto's screams rang out through the workshop and eventually fell silent as Pinocchio hunched over him consuming his heart while tears streamed down his cheek. A menacing smile grew on the Blue Fairy's face as her wrinkles began to fade away. The spell that brought Pinocchio to life forced him to devour the heart of the person he loved most, trapping his soul inside Pinocchio's puppet body. Pinocchio was only a tool to collect souls for the Blue Fairy so she could stay young and beautiful forever. He would forever be her puppet. No strings, indeed.
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Shang Tsung: Your soul is MINE.

Blue Fairy: Your heart is MINE.

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Lol Mortal Kombat referenc.

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"There strings in me." - Ultron
AstroZombie007's avatar
Awesome story to boot
ulquiorra461372's avatar
holy shit that's dark and he killed jiminy too.
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So Blue Fairy is the female Shang Tsung
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Ray, your wife is scary. Do something!
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I adore the concept to this piece! Then again, I love the rest of the series, period. Amazing work!Heart 
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I always knew there was something up with that fairy. Nobody gives a gift like this without a price. Twisted, but very good story. And amazing picture of course. Now Pinocchio looks more like the original book version. (which is pretty creepy, if you aks me)
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this is shed 17 stuff right here
I love your pictures.  They're twisted and funny.
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This is an affectively dark take on the Pinocchio story. Great job.  :)
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I always hated "Pinocchio," and thus love your version ! 
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No strings on- Oh. Someone already beat me to that reference...

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"There are no strings on me!!" -Ultron-
So insane!!! Braaaaains... Braaaaains... 
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Master Of Puppets :v
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
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No no! Please! No! Just no! This is so scary! Definitely your most terrifying yet!
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omd han matado a jepeto hijos de puta 
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El grillo murio aplastado por Pinocho tambien.
Fan-Fiction-Tricia's avatar
Jimminey Cricket was squished! D:
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