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Twisted Princess: Belle

This is my first Disney Princess piece in a series of pictures I'm doing, titled Twisted Princess. I just thought it would be cool to see creepy looking Princesses. The other Disney Princesses I plan on drawing are Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Aurora.
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Several scenarios I can imagine.

A darker relationship between Belle and Beast, albeit toxic as hell and Belle snaps. They're both psychopaths and enjoy causing misery.

Or Belle became cursed by that Enchantress that made Adam the Beast. And she became wilder, more primal, savage even.

Or she became a Vampire idk lol it's funny

Great art

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I've seen these arts on Youtube

Is there a story behind this?

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I  wonder about the story for this one
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Aww, no story on Belle?
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Jeff, what's Belle's story?
I have the perfect story for this:

After the Beast dies from his wounds, Belle tells him she loves him, but it is too late, the last petal falls and the spell can no longer be broken. The servants lose all of their humanity and become objects fully. With Beast dead and her village no longer safe to return, Belle and Maurice inhabit the castle. Over time, Belle becomes a cold-hearted queen who learns black magic. She re-enchants the objects with dark spirits as her minions, to do her bidding. She brings the Beast back from the dead to get her revenge on the village that shunned her. She also brings Gaston back to torture him for eternity. 
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I like this dark story. ^^
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Now beauty is a beast LOL
scary! love the beast look
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Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies.
I'm not sure weather you made that love greater or weaker.

Probably greater
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With how this series evolved I'd be very interested in seeing this piece revisited. There's a lot of raw potential from the story both in it's Disney and origins.
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Belle married her prince at a beautiful wedding ceremony in the town square, but as they were heading back to the castle she was suddenly attacked and bitten by a mysterious white wolf...  What she didn't know was that the wolf was the Enchantress in disguise, attempting to "test" her prince's love for her in a most demented fashion, which Belle would find out the first full moon after the attack...  She woke up with her clothing in tatters, laying in a pool of blood and surrounded by the mutilated and mauled corpses of the castle servants... and her father...  Belle fled the castle and ran into the woods, never to be seen again...  There was one survivor from the night before--little Chip, who was now residing in the sanitarium, and is constantly ranting and crying about how he saw a gigantic hulking beast with razor-sharp claws literally tear his mother in half before devouring her right in front of his hiding place, its canine maw dripping with saliva and blood that coated its sharp and deadly teeth, its predatory eyes a gleaming yellow... like the eyes of a wolf!  He is fearful of the full moon, dreading to hear that ungodly howl echoing across the night sky to let him know that Belle would finally be coming for him...

Beauty... has now become the beast!

"Even a man who is pure
And says his prayers by night
May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms,
And the yellow moon is bright..."
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Why is the beast wearing a noose? O.o
What's the story here?
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That's what I'd like to know, if you don't mind, jeftoon01! :eager:
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So many faves and comments everywhere!
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The Beast Within
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