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Twisted Princess: Ariel

Here's my second Twisted Princess. I really like the way Ariel turned out, but I'm still up in the air on her fork hand hehe.
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From this image, I can guess in this universe, Ariel (As well as her sisters) are a lot like sirens than wholesome mermaids. Ariel begins to stalk poor Eric like a yandere so she can only be the one to devour him.

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The dovey-eyed redhead girl is the appearance she takes on when she lures men to their doom with her siren singing.

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I like the fork. Yeah it does look ridiculous, until I realize it has some significance to her. It was probably one of her few surviving treasures until (insert new dark backstory).
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You mean her "dingle-hopper" hand?
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by the way ! Someone stole your creation ! She say she design it ! just wanted to inform you !

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Ariel evils Mermaid
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wow wow wow wow wow wow 
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Damn that's scary! Kind of looks like Ariel became a Zombie. 
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Holy @$*%#! I can almost swear I saw that in a YouTube video once!
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Very original love it
I thought of a good story for this one:

As Triton is destroying Ariel's grotto, Ariel gets in front of her statue of Prince Eric. Blinded by rage, Triton accidently blasts Ariel with his trident. Ariel falls lifeless onto the statue. Shocked, Triton picks up his lifeless daughter. "What have I done?" he cries. He has no other choice, but to take her to Ursula. The sea witch agrees to bring Ariel back to life, however, she is not the same. She is evil, and Flounder is also taken over by an evil spirit. Ursula also takes Ariel's hand as payment, replacing it with a fork. This is all revenge from Ursula for being banished.
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Perfect love it
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Where's Sebastian?
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I thought I saw something like this but flounder was an angler fish
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Awesome! She needs to hang out with the new Aquaman.
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OMG, I saw this on a FB post, but didn't realize you were on here!
Damn it man what is her story?
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I think I have one maybe:

After seeing that Ursula managed to marry Eric, she gives Ariel her punishment. However, Ariel is full of rage, and manages to overtake and kill Ursula. As a result, Eric became frightened and ran away. To this day, Ariel is now the new Sea Witch.
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AAAAHHH!! :excited: What's the story behind this one?!?!
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