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Twisted Princess: Alice

FINALLY!!! My newest princess is done! Well, technically she's not a princess (unless you count being a Princess of Heart in Kingdom Hearts) but I promised my friend that I would eventually draw her...and I kept my promise!

So the story behind my Alice is after she's declared guilty, the Queen of Hearts and her army proceed to chase Alice through Wonderland. Unfortunately, Alice trips and hurts her leg, allowing them enough time to catch up to her. Alice is then dragged away by the Queen's soldiers. All of this is being watched by the Cheshire Cat who's hiding in the shadows. Alice is taken to the center of the Queen's garden maze where all the bodies of the many victims of the tyrannical Queen are discarded. And like all of the Queen's victims, Alice is beheaded and left in the center of the maze to rot. Unknown to the Queen, the Cheshire Cat followed her to the center of the maze and witnessed the tragic execution of the young girl. Once the Queen and her army has left, the Cheshire Cat appears. He feels extremely guilty for the death of this little girl...but that feeling soon passes, for the Cheshire Cat now had himself a new toy...a new body to posses...a new puppet to carry out his twisted motives. Wonderland WILL be his!

And that's pretty much it hahaha. I felt really disturbed by this story hahaha. Well, I hope you guys like it!
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My only gripe with this is that the Disney's had Wonderland as a made up creation of Alice's mind instead of it being a real place.

So is Wonderland implied to be real here? If not then this either means Alice is going through a terrible nightmare or something about her dream in Wonderland broke her mentally and became... this.

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I also like how you portrayed Chesire Cat as the antagonist which is interesting. Usually he's portrayed as being morally gray and most versions.

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Why does this make me think of Melanie Martinez's song [Mad Hatter]

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There was actually a scene from the movie that never made it to the screens in which Alice was to be guillotined, but because the guillotine was so slow, the Queen of Hearts jumped onto the blade to make it go faster. Don't believe me? Take a look at this concept art here.

I always knew he was evil!! This picture proves it!!! 😠😠

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Um, this is just fanart, this isn’t proof at all

Hey, He creeped me out when I was little.

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Hey Jeftoon01, a friend of mine was showing my a coloring book be just got and noticed this exact piece was in it! I've been a long time fan of yours so I recognized your art immediately! It's one of the featured images on amazon but didn't see your name mentioned at all!

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TBH . She looks like Joker .
I never trusted that cat. And I was right all along. 
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I like this one and Maid Marian personally
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We all go a little MAD sometimes
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Alice madness returns
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The Cheshire Cat is so dark in using Alice it is crazy good 😅
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We're all mad down here...
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That's awesome. I can totally see him doing something like that.
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Does that Cheshire even have any remorse? Or guilt? I guess in wonderland humility falls while madness reign...right?
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Surprised you didn't include the Caterpillar's hookah on a table by the chair.
Technically she is not a princess

I just read what you typed lol.
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Well, given that Alice in Wonderland has occasionally been accused of being about madness and insanity anyway, I don't know if I can agree to calling this twisted :D

Good work, anyway.
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I love it, even without the description I gotta say this is Joker levels of madness.
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