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Twisted Mural

By jeftoon01
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This isn't really new but it's something I thought you guys might like. When Facebook switched over to the timeline set up, I made this for my cover image. It doesn't have Maid Marian in it since I made it before I finished her but I hope you guys still like it. I may make a new one once I finish my new princess...who I hope to finish soon :)
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There're The Princess of The Dark Multiverse.(DC' Multiverse reference . HaHaaa)
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Great art! Like it! More fairies please.
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So thats why they dont have princesses listening to my music...huh
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I Don't Like Twisted Princess (Yes. She Dislikes Her)
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As twisted and horrifying, as it is spectacular and well designed.
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I came across this impressive and awesome work on the Internet, and I appreciate it a lot. May I apply it to the facebook cover photo of my fan page promoting an event, held by a group of college students and whose topic is "twisted fairy tales"? 
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Looks like a lot of evil
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I love your Alice..
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What would happen if they all teamed up?

I know.

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I can think of a worst scenario if they teamed  up 
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i love it, love it, loove it! 
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Damn, some of the best artworks take the longest to find, seriously. This creep factor is absolute gold, I don't know who my favorite is! Ariel, Pocahontas and Mulan are probably my favorite in this bunch, but I'm going to look at them all in the other artworks to really figure it out. Love this! 
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Your art doesn't fail to amaze me! These twisted princesses are creepily awesome! Your imagination is amazing!!
Xanntera's avatar
Love it!!! I would love to read a twisted tale about these girls!
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OMG this is so AMAZING!
DreamVixen2511's avatar
I love your Twisted Princess work, I hope that you branch out to the non-Disney princesses because I'd love to see how you'd twist them.
KarlitaTerrazas14's avatar
I will have nightmares.... again o_oU 👍
hassantv100's avatar
Imagine if someone make a fighting game out of THIS, IT WILL BE OFF THE CHAIN if you think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (=D
hassantv100's avatar
Makes you wonder how in the Bloody Hell did they became this way, doesn't it?
greenxwrestler's avatar
i would love to have this on shower curtain!!
eddfan1998's avatar
Your new princess should be Jenny from Oliver and Company!!!
TheKawaiiSeeAll's avatar
I LOVE this series! I saw it on dorkly. Snow White is my favorite, but they all look insanely badass.
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