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Twisted Fairies: Tinker Bell



FINALLY!!!!!!! I finished my new fairy!!! TINKER BELL!!!!! I started her so long ago but I put her on hold until I finished the other fairies but I couldn't wait anymore. I know I say this a lot but she is by far my favorite Twisted Fairy/Princess. I really hope you guys like her!!!

Story: The battle for Never Land rages on as the fairies defend their home from the invading pirates. Every fairy was forced to make great sacrifices to protect their home and loved ones…especially Tinker Bell. Upon hearing that Queen Clarion and the Ministers of the Seasons had all fallen to Captain Hook’s blade, Tinker Bell took it upon herself to unite and lead the fairies into battle. However, she was badly injured in an assault on the Pixie Dust Depot while trying to save her beloved Terence, who died in the attack. She lost her wings, an arm, suffered a few burns, and was covered in cuts from head to toe. She was found unconscious by Clank and Bobble who did their best to patch her up. When Tink awoke she was distraught and determined to avenge Terence’s death. She went right to work, fashioning herself a new arm and wings. A tinker fairy’s job is never done and she had a war to win…
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Okay, so I have more than a few things to add here (all of them good):

First of all, wonderful piece! I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times by now though.

But I’m gonna add a twist that hasn’t been talked about: a plot of my own that‘s been inspired by both this pic and - believe it or not - Return to Never Land, that sequel to the original film!

See, I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I’ve seen enough to know that Wendy’s daughter Jane is the focus - and she’s grown up very quickly from being exposed to WWII. But here’s the thing: This war backdrop is quickly left behind when Jane’s taken to Neverland!

But in my plot, the WWII backdrop takes center stage, even spreading to Neverland when the Nazis - with help from a Neo-Nazi from the future with mysterious dark powers - invade Neverland in hopes of stealing its magic supply and using it to power their army and conquer all!

Will Peter Pan, the fairies, and their friends and allies be able to fend off this invasion?