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Twisted Fairies: Tinker Bell

By jeftoon01
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FINALLY!!!!!!! I finished my new fairy!!! TINKER BELL!!!!! I started her so long ago but I put her on hold until I finished the other fairies but I couldn't wait anymore. I know I say this a lot but she is by far my favorite Twisted Fairy/Princess. I really hope you guys like her!!!

Story: The battle for Never Land rages on as the fairies defend their home from the invading pirates. Every fairy was forced to make great sacrifices to protect their home and loved ones…especially Tinker Bell. Upon hearing that Queen Clarion and the Ministers of the Seasons had all fallen to Captain Hook’s blade, Tinker Bell took it upon herself to unite and lead the fairies into battle. However, she was badly injured in an assault on the Pixie Dust Depot while trying to save her beloved Terence, who died in the attack. She lost her wings, an arm, suffered a few burns, and was covered in cuts from head to toe. She was found unconscious by Clank and Bobble who did their best to patch her up. When Tink awoke she was distraught and determined to avenge Terence’s death. She went right to work, fashioning herself a new arm and wings. A tinker fairy’s job is never done and she had a war to win…
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CFSTUDIOS12Hobbyist General Artist
A badass Tinkerbell. Now I've seen everything.
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Best Tinker art.
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ArthurTheBootlegHobbyist Digital Artist
Forestpunk Tinkle Bell
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Hi ! I love your art so I want to know if you are intersting to let me be cosplay as Tinker Bell like you draw it. Evil and cool. Please say yes because everything in that picture are so awesome ! You can give me your answer by '' ''.
Thanks !
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The amount of detail that goes into these pieces are amazing.
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Now that is a pissed off Tinker Bell! Amazing artwork. I could see her coming out in a steampunk/post apocalyptic setting with this look.
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yo i like your concept of Tinker Bell is it cool if i create a 3d model of it....if cool can i get more reference if possible... thanks
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Someone took your art and used it in this video:… at 00:28
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Awesome work! I love the story behind this one!
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Me too! Sad that Terence had to die, though. I ship them really hard.
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She looks boss as fuck
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Awesome! Steampunk fits her! :love:
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kittymonster14Hobbyist General Artist
Is Disney and pixar in apocalypse state
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DarkestHour55Hobbyist Digital Artist
..... o_O

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Arrowman64Hobbyist Digital Artist
How is it possible to make Disney fairies badass? Like THIS!!! :D
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dudebladeXHobbyist General Artist
Okay... THIS Tinkerbell is one I wouldn't want to mess with.
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This is just... damn amazing. You should totally turn this concept into a AU story. :)
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Beautiful design definitely dark and twisted but wow. Saw this as part of a series of your work posted on gallery roulette
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Wow! I'd love to cosplay this one day!
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genni101Student Traditional Artist
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