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December 6, 2009
TMNT: Feudal Era by ~jeftoon01. From the suggester: "I used to see TNMT in TV when I was a child, and this feudal version of them really impresses me, they look awesome!"
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TMNT: Feudal Era

I've been in a creative funk the past few days, so I thought I would return to my roots. The first thing I remember ever drawing when I was little, was the Ninja Turtles. So I figured drawing them now would help me assess how far I've come and hopefully restore my confidence in my drawing. I think it worked. I really really love this picture.

PS: It says "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in Kanji but it actually translates to "Mutant Ninja Turtles in One's Teens"...I thought that was kind of funny.
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These are the TMNT guys i want to see in a new comic or series
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AWESOME! That's how turtles in time should look!
sparklekitty134's avatar
SO. AWESOME. Love this man!
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jeftoon01 - I found this image just a week ago, 2 days later I got it tattood on my arm. Check my Instagram for the result. RadRanga
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That's great man:)Emoticon: TMNT Raphael Emoticon: TMNT Leonardo Emoticon: TMNT Donatello Emoticon: TMNT Michelangelo 
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That is really cool.
After a few year looking for some idea to make a tattoo I finally found your drawing. It was exactly what I was looking for. I made a tattoo in my arm with the Donatello that you drew. Thanks a lot!!donatello tattoo
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FYI.. I see Asian stores on aliexpress selling this as a print.  :(
Great artwork btw.  I hate to see others profiting off of someone else's work.
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Must have missed this one, the last time I visited...NEAT!!
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Looooooooooooooooooove this. <3
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huge fan of the Turtles and I love it! I actually thought about finding out who drew it so I can get it as a tattoo...and I found you! haha
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How visually exciting and dynamic =D 
Are prints available?  I want to hang it in my office.
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I saw this through a page on facebook and someone posted a link to your gallery and thought this is awesome!
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I think this is my favorite version of TMNT ever. Really love it. 
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Awesome work bud
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They should make a show in feudal Japan! That would be a really good twist on the story :)
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