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LCARS for Rainmeter v2.5.1 Reupload (Jan 29 2017) by Jefson, visual art

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i figured this out. if you remove the URL code from the weather text document, it makes the "" button work properly. but then it leaves the UI weather window pane blank, but im okay with that. will continue to poke at it in the future.

Lcars Weather 2
Lcars Weather 1

i have the Lcars V2.5 (i think thats right). the weather plugin doesnt work. i have spent the past 2 hours just playing with settings, variables, websites and all kinds of things. i have come to the conclusion that no longer supports the 8 digit weather code. im going to stop before i mess it up & leave it alone. its still a wicked neat piece of work. but if anyone has any suggestions to make the weather plugin work, i would appreciate it. thanks all.

Between LCARS LOCK/RECYCLE BIN AND DEVIANT ART/YOUTUBE can the lines of numbers be changed to display digital clock

can't change the location for the weather, everything else looks great.

LOVE IT.  I have only one issue that is driving me bonkers.

Installed both Rainmeter and LCARS   AFTER   installing my new GPU.

Everything works great except for the Engineering window in settings and everywhere that references my GPU... shows my old card (980 Ti), not my new one (1060).

Windows and speedfan and GPU-Z report tool  all show my new card 1060.

I uninstalled my old drivers before installing the new GPU.  I've done registry cleaners and uninstalled and re-installed my drivers...still references my old card and I can't figure out why.

Anyone have any ideas?

So I downloaded your rainmeter skin in an attempt to get a star trek looking computer. It works amazingly well, but there are some aesthetics I would like to change and such. I looked into the code in the edit tab of rainmeter and I was able to do some renaming, but I personally dont like the LCARS symbol used throughout the program (same as your profile pic). I tried replacing it with the starfleet symbol without success as either the circle or the wreath kept disappearing. If you could give some tips on how to edit this to a greater extent, that would be appreciated. Thank you!

C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\LCARSv2\@Resources\Images\ImagesTNG find the image, replace the image with your image making sure that the file type and name are exactly as listed, worked for me. if you change the name you will need to hunt down in every config file there is and replace it. (keeping the name saves the pain)