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Companion Cube Tutorial

UPDATE!!!! I redid this tutorial with photos of all the steps. You can find the new version on my blog: Part I & Part II. Enjoy!


I almost forgot to upload this. A few people requested this a while back and I obliged. This is my first attempt at a tutorial so it's not super fantastic. It's pretty text heavy, illustration light, but hopefully it's still instructional. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

I made a pdf with just the pattern pieces and you can find it here:

And just for reference, this is what my cube looked like when finished:


Remember that the companion cube belongs to Valve, so you can't use this pattern for commercial purposes. It is just for your own enjoyment!
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Thank you so much for this. I've put my W.I.P on my profile. On the last steps now and I've mentioned you all the way. Very gratefull! My own companion cube :D
SKARRed4life's avatar
Here's the finished product
TheWaffleFox's avatar
I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing this with me!
Bluefire-Amaterasu's avatar
Cool! I'm gonna make my own companion cube now!!! Thanks.
paperclip500's avatar
I'm making this for a friends birthday present :D I'll post a picture before I give it away! Thanks for the tutorial!
moviemadman's avatar
I'm going to do this after I've made my dragon... Being my first plush, it'll be a while before I'm finished.
soullesslupe's avatar
I'm gonna make one over spring break...TO THE STORE!
jefita's avatar
Awesome! I hope it turned out well!
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Awesome tutorial I cant what to try it myself ^.^
jefita's avatar
I hope you have good luck with it!
ChibiMasquerade's avatar
I needed this! Thanks!
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LunaRebane's avatar
*Hugs* Sqweeeeee!
Alimarialinder's avatar
Thanks for sharing =D I really wanna make one and put it in my car like dice
jefita's avatar
Your welcome. That sounds like a fantastic idea. I'd love to see how it turns out.
PartTimeLover's avatar
I want to do this now. lol. :D I just need stuffing.
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Hehe, well I've just about finished a new improved tutorial with pictures.
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Ah. good thing I haven't started yet then.
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Good then. It's finished and up on my blog for now: Part I & Part II. Enjoy!
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=D Thanks for providing the patterns for this; I plan on making a cube of my own while I'm at a summer program. This is very helpful~
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I'm glad you find it helpful. I would love to see your pictures when you finish.
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Aw! This is awesome!
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