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I really love that drawing of her.

She is soo kawaii, I'm going to watch you!!

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que perfeiçãoooooo

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you draw very beautifully

Ahh, I say kuch, I meant much hah, my bad!

This is so mythical in my opinion, Anime gives me such a natural beauty vibe even if its a war. It can be so peaceful it can make you cry. Ngl, This would make me cry if it was more peaceful and in a garden with a beautiful archway with roses on it, and the girl was the same but a little more flowers and maybe a lighter version of the colors, Can you try to make that? Its fine if this request is to kuch, But I just find your artwork so beautiful that the idea popped in my head and I think you're awsome to do it!

please giv me render Power.

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Damn.... That's clean af

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I'm new here but y'all art

is good

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she looks amazing!!

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she looks cute and serious, i LOVE the whole art,it's super beautiful.

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Hey! I waaant moreee wallpaper like this plss :)))

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soon i will post some more

Zero 2, ay? 😁

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